Fresh ‘Aquaman’ footage unveiled at Comic-Con

Justice League - Jason Momoa (Aquaman)

Jason Momoa is a rock star. You probably knew that by now, but he flaunted it Saturday during the Warner Bros panel inside Hall H. From the back of the hall, Momoa started running down the aisle with the trident in hand. Suddenly, you realize what kind of a fun character he really is. As Chris Hardwick poignantly said, “It makes sense that you’re Aquaman ’cause everyone’s super wet right now.” Surprisingly, Wan didn’t give fans a lot of footage. Especially since they’ve been filming for several weeks now.

What Wan did show was a ton of concept art similar to the ones seen at CinemaCon this year. This includes a look at some of the futuristic-looking aquatic ships and our first look at Atlantis, Black Manta, and Ocean Master. “In a lot of ways this is an origin story, and so I want audiences to experience Atlantis for the first time Aquaman experiences it as well,” Wan said in the video. “It’s a whole different world that we’ve never seen before. It’s so strikingly original.” Afterward, Wan gave fans a little taste of his vision for Aquaman.

Justice League - SDCC 2017 Trailer (Aquaman)

The clip starts with a close up of an old transistor radio that’s playing Charles Trénet’s “La Mer” on board a small boat. Next, we see two fishermen fishing in the middle of a vast ocean. There is no land on the horizon, so they are far from shore. All of a sudden, one of the fishermen has a bite on his reel. Unfortunately, this bite is coming from something really big. The creature begins pulling the boat really fast. As the fishermen desperately try to reel in and stop the fish, the creature pulls the fishing rod into the sea.

By the time they start to collect their thoughts, they look downward toward the sea. They see an assemblage of glowing manta rays swimming through the ocean. Suddenly, a multi-fin shark passes by the boat. The camera pans underwater and we see Ocean Master’s large army of aquatic ships and creatures. In the background, we see what might be the vast city of Atlantis. The scene looks like a sci-fi film where spaceships fly in-and-out of a futuristic spaceport.

Finally, we see Arthur Curry/Aquaman standing in a wrecked wooden ship. “I suppose you want to talk about this, do you?” Aquaman says. He swings his trident and says, “Neither do I.” All of a sudden, he’s charging at the camera with his trident in hand.

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Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21, 2018.

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