Survive zombies in the RTS game, The Walking Dead: March to War

The Walking Dead: March to War
Coming soon to mobile devices is a new way to experience our favorite post-apocalyptic zombie franchise, The Walking Dead. Disruptor Beam has been hard at work creating a real-time strategy game, The Walking Dead: March to War, featuring our favorite zombie-killing survivors.

While this will feature most of your favorites, they aren’t exactly playable. Each of the main staples like Rick, Maggie, Hershel, Ezekiel and countless others take on the role of council leaders. They will offer various bonuses and advantages to your community of survivors. During the game, you will go to many of the staples we have seen in the comics and the TV show including Hilltop, Alexandria, Sanctuary and other key monuments inside of Washington D.C.

The game takes place in an alternate timeline right before the big all-out war in volume 20 of the comics. Four trademarked communities along with other independent ones within the D.C. area have become completely surrounded by hordes of undead.

While I didn’t get my own hands-on experience with The Walking Dead: March to War, I did get an in-depth look at each of the mechanics and how they all work. You must recruit new survivors, each with their own stats, personality, and abilities. These survivors are separated into 4 classes: gatherers, defenders, snipers, and enforcers. And each comes with their own role in combat and supply runs.

The supply run points on the map are all harvested in real time. Stamina is required to harvest certain larger resource nodes that have a chance for better materials. This resource refills over time. The materials you collect can be utilized to build and upgrade your base. Buildings will range from barracks for housing survivors, med bays to help them recover after combat, radio towers to recruit new survivors and more.

As you play the game you will see other players that have ventured into your local area. Caution should be taken as there is no telling whether they will be friend or foe. Fortunately, you can also create alliances with your friends which will allow you to contact them in-game to help out when needed. In the inevitability of your base being raided and destroyed, you will be transported to a new random location on the outskirts of the map to help protect you for a short while.

Now, this can be an inconvenience as it may move you away from your alliance, making it tough to receive support from allied bases. This is where the item cards system comes into play. Over time you may receive useable cards that when expanded, will have various effects. These include relocating your base or preventing assaults on your base for a limited time.

The Walking Dead: March to War has piqued my interest. Furthermore, it has me intrigued enough to warrant a download for a deeper look at the higher-level content.

Check out the trailer below. And let us know in the comments what you think of the game.

The Walking Dead: March to War will be available on iOS and Android in the summer of 2017.

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