SDCC 2017: Hands-on with John Wick Chronicles

John Wick Chronicles
While exploring the convention hall at San Diego Comic-Con this past week, I was treated to many surprises. There were some bad ones as well as some pretty good ones. One pleasant surprise was a booth that had Starbreeze Studios’ John Wick Chronicles playable via the HTC Vive. I donned the VR helmet and went to work.

The world of John Wick feels alive and well in John Wick Chronicles, thanks to the superb voice work by Lance Reddick. He communicates to you where you’re being shot from, as well as complimenting you for timely headshots. While the game is excellent, it is lacking a bit in content. But regardless of that, who doesn’t want a chance to live as one of the greatest fictional assassins of this generation.

The demo started in a safe house where I could lightly explore before being ambushed and fired upon. With no weapons, I had to make it into the elevator. After reaching the rooftop, I found an arsenal of weapons at my disposal. I picked up a rifle and began to pick off my enemies. Enemies attacked from all angles, but luckily I had the hotel manager in my ear giving me a heads up as the action increased. The game will task you with taking out some rather elusive and high-value targets. Only a professional like John Wick could hope to accomplish this task and come out alive.

I highly enjoyed my time with John Wick Chronicles, but a few elements kept the game from being authentic like the films it’s emulating. You can reload by doing a simple downward thrusting motion. It works great, but when using my rifle, a part of me wanted to pull the bolt handle to reload. Other than that, the cover system made sense. And I was able to fire from behind cover to give myself a fighting chance when multiple enemies swarmed towards me.

From my demo time, I can’t yet say if John Wick Chronicles is worth the entry fee. But it has intrigued me enough to thoroughly consider it.

John Wick Chronicles is currently exclusive to the HTC Vive and currently available for purchase via Steam.

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