CCP’s vSports game, Sparc, coming to PlayStation VR on August 29

CCP Games Sparc
CCP Games’ Sparc is a game that has been on our radar for quite some time. If you have ever wanted to feel like being in the world of Tron and playing a game of dodge ball in VR, then this is for you. It has been announced that the game will be out for PlayStation VR on August 29, 2017, for $29.99 SRP.

Having had the chance to play the game at various events, I can say that it’s one of the most fast-paced and intense VR games out there. There will be a lot of dodging, deflecting, throwing and catching. And if you really are competitive, be prepared to get some real exercise. You’ll be sweating in no time as if you’re actually playing a real sports game. Yes, Sparc will require actual physical body skill.

Sparc will have you using your whole body, whether you’re ducking, dodging or throwing. And your objective in the 1v1 game is to hit your opponent with a projectile. Furthermore, the game gets more intense with the addition of the enemy’s projectile. It really becomes a game that requires quick body and eye coordination. By using the PlayStation Move motion controllers, you’ll throw a projectile toward the opponent while also having to dodge, block, or deflect incoming shots. It can get hectic if the enemy gets two projectiles coming at you at the same time. So it’s all about planning and then executing.

Players can wait to join a match via “Courtside,” a social area surrounding the game’s court. In addition to waiting for the next match, they can meet other opponents and watch the game as it’s happening.

There’s also a solo mode where you’ll be able to time yourself on test throwing and deflection accuracy. Once you’re proficient at this, you’ll be ready to play against a live opponent.

If you want to spruce up your character, you’ll be able to customize your avatar with different headgear, gloves, color, and cut of the compression suit.

For those wondering if Sparc will be taking place in the EVE Online universe, sadly it’s not.

Sparc will be available on the PlayStation Store on August 29th, and it will be compatible with the PlayStation VR.

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