SDCC 2017: Future of Home Entertainment showcases VR, 4K, props

future of home entertainment
During San Diego Comic-Con, fans got the chance to experience the Future of Home Entertainment at the Hard Rock Hotel Lobby. The booth showcased all types of home entertainment technology including VR experiences and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR. In addition, there were also props and costumes to get fans closer to the films. Companies joined forces like the home divisions of 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Universal, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros. (Now if the other divisions can team up to give us Marvel vs. DC.)

Nerd Reactor was invited to check out the Future of Home Entertainment booth, and it’s definitely a treat for fans who love immersion in the comfort of their own pad. One of them includes VR experiences, and I was able to test out the Suicide Squad and Ghost in the Shell experiences in VR.This Suicide Squad VR game is not to be confused with the previous live-action VR experience.

Alien: Covenant

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an alien inside a living host? If you have, then the Alien: Covenant VR experience is something you want to check out. There’s a scene in Alien: Covenant where an alien pops out of a guy in the medical room. What made it pretty horrific is that the alien pops out of his back, causing his body to fold over backward due to the lack of a spinal cord. Well, with the VR experience, you really do feel like you’re inside a person’s body. Watch as the alien baby patiently waits and hears screaming in the outside world. Once it’s ready to pop out, you’ll get to have “alien vision” as you will be sensitive to the slightest noise or movement all around you.

Suicide Squad

I tested out the Suicide Squad VR app thinking it was going to be the live-action VR experience from last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. This one’s different since it’s actually a video game in VR. You get to play as different characters from the Suicide Squad, whether you’re shooting flames from your hands or blasting away with a gun. To fire, you simply click the touch pad on the Samsung Gear VR. The objective is to survive wave after wave of enemies. And to prolong your life, health items will drop after killing enemies. It was a fun little game that shows off the potential of portable VR technology.

Ghost in the Shell

The Ghost in the Shell VR experience takes you into the world where robots and people blend together. You are following the Major as she infiltrates a room filled with enemies and killer robots. As the action sequence commences, you can click the button on the headset to slow down time. This is all while using real-time graphics from the compatible smart phone. One gripe I had with the VR experience is its graphical power. Especially since it didn’t do any wonders for the CG model of Scarlett Johansson as the Major.

Props and Costumes

As for the props and costumes, those who attended got to be up close with a giant alien and the actual Guardians of the Galaxy outfits as worn by Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.

Also on display are a bunch of 4K Blu-rays and a 4K monitor to show off the details and colors of the different films.

The VR experiences and 4K Blu-rays are available now, so you don’t need to attend San Diego Comic-Con to experience the future of home entertainment.

Photo Credit: JR Cajigas

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