SDCC 2017: Hands-on with Marvel Powers United VR

Marvel Powers United VR
Hot off the heels of its announcement at D23, Sanzaru Games’ Marvel Powers United VR is here with lots of goodies. Nerd Reactor got a chance to check it out, taking a few of our favorite heroes for a spin in this virtual experience.

Marvel Powers United VR is a 4-player co-op first-person action game that puts you into the role of Marvel’s superheroes. The initial trailer showcased gameplay for Captain Marvel, Rocket Racoon, the Incredible Hulk, and an appearance from the adorable yet powerful LockJaw. At the present time, Lockjaw hasn’t been announced as being a part of the playable roster.

Now you’re probably wondering who is the fourth character to round out this all-star Avenger cast. I’m happy to say that at San Diego Comic-Con, it announced that everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth will be joining the squad to slice and dice his way to victory. Our demo throws us straight into the act.

Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon

Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon play pretty similarly to one another, both having the ability to fly through the environment with a single button press. Both of their main attacks are energy blasts with an option to charge for more damage. Rocket uses his trusty sidearms while Captain Marvel blasts from her hands.

While Rocket has both sticky and vortex grenades to deal with groups, Captain Marvel’s strength allows her to pick up explosives in the environment and hurl them for major damage. Their final attacks require a charge to use. Captain Marvel can charge up energy in her hands to fire a continuous beam of energy damage. Rocket, on the other hand, has his pulse rifle that, after a short charge, can be fired for a more accurate singular powerful shot.

Hulk and Deadpool

Deadpool and Hulk share a movement feature to keep up with the other 2 flying teammates. Hulk has a jump that deals area of effect damage on landing with a small knockback. Deadpool has a teleport to help him get up close and personal with enemies on platforms above him.

Hulk has all the powers you’d expect, and these are all executed just like the green hero. You bring your hands together for his AoE clap attack and throw both hands downwards for his trademark slam. Finally, there are punch attacks and the ability to grab enemies and fling them like ragdolls.

Deadpool has quite a few options to choose from in combat and definitely felt the most diverse during my time. He has pistols, SMGs, and even shurikens to deal with enemies out of reach. However, there is nothing like his trusty katanas for close-quarters combat.

Sanzaru Games told us that there will be more character reveals throughout the year up to the game’s 2018 release. I can easily predict based on the controls and gameplay that both Thor and Iron Man will join the roster. Meanwhile, all I can hope for is my favorite neighborhood spider making an appearance in the future.

Check out our video below for all the virtual blasting, smashing, and pew pews you never knew you needed.

Marvel Powers United VR is releasing exclusively on the Oculus Rift and will be releasing in 2018.

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