The twisted game of survival returns with Jigsaw, the sequel to Saw

Horror is coming back to Halloween. There have been several rumors of a new SAW film, but nothing concrete until last year. An announcement was made that a new film was being made for 2017. This new film, titled Jigsawtakes us 10 years after the events of the last SAW film. More deaths similar to John Kramer, Jigsaw, have been rising despite his death. During an investigation, they dismiss Jigsaw’s involvement until they find a recording with his voice linking him to the new deaths.

2004 was the year when SAW came into theaters. The “torture porn” movie quickly became a hit due to its unique horror style. Instead of the usual stalker, the victims were instead placed in traps and forced to survive. Annual releases of SAW movies expanded the story each year on Halloween until 2010, with the 7th and final SAW film.

The Jigsaw trailer gives us a good look at what to expect, but gone is the trademark Hello Zepp theme. We see 5 victims in a twisted game that pushes them to work together to survive. This has been a recurring theme since SAW 2 with multiple victims linked in some way but in the same trap. The danger escalates as each victim appears to survive several levels of the same trap. Exactly how John Kramer is linked is unknown but could have something to do with Dr. Gordon. Since Kramer’s death in SAW 3, Jigsaw still had a huge influence in the sequels that helped bridge all the movies together. He was still able to push his agenda of vengeance against those who have wronged him. At the end of SAW 3D, we discovered that Dr. Gordon from the first film was helping Jigsaw the entire time.

Want to play a game? Check out the trailer below!

Jigsaw slashes into theaters October 27, 2017!

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