‘Ghost in the Shell’ reboot gets an Honest Trailer

Yeah, this film totally deserved this one.

It’s been a few months since the last time we’ve talked about one of these (check out our last one here), but when this popped up in my newsfeed earlier today, I couldn’t help but pass the good news along. Earlier this year, we were treated to one of the most culturally controversial films of this decade, Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell. This film, a reboot of the 1994 Anime masterpiece that birthed several sequels and a series, drew up questions when they cast actress Scarlett Johansson as the main Japanese character Major, as Johansson is not Japanese.

“She’s a Robocop, with a weird Robo-walk”

Several discussions were had between the filmmaker and those who inquired as to the casting, resulting in a great divide among fans. Well, the film opened to a lackluster $18 million weekend, ending 8 weeks later with a total $40.5 million at the domestic box offices. Needless to say, the film didn’t perform as well as it should have.

Our friends over at Screen Junkies have gone and done it, and gave us all the Honest Trailer we’ve been waiting for! Not only does this Trailer refuse to pull its punches on the “white-washing” controversy, highlighting some of the scenes contradicting what the Director had stated, to digging into the actual film itself. This Trailer is so great to watch, and so satisfying to have a good laugh at a film that tried to take itself way too seriously.

Check out the Honest Trailer below!

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