Telltale brings back Batman, Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us

San Diego Comic-Con is now over, and that means it is time for some of the biggest news of the year to start dropping. Telltale Games decided to take the initiative and land a first strike that left fans excited but also emotional as it announced a handful of titles. These titles include the second season of both The Wolf Among Us and Batman franchises, and then crushed the hearts of some fans as it announced The Walking Dead: Final Season.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking dead graphical novel games are based off the original comics that the hit AMC show Walking Dead references from time to time. While not being verbatim reincarnates of the comics it is still a more accurate depiction of all the gruesomeness in the comics. The Walking Dead was also Telltale’s first colossal success that started a whole catalog of other inspired graphical novel games in the western hemisphere.

The Final chapter of the Walking Dead season will have players once again take up the role of fan favorite Clementine as she must once again make her way through the dark and dangerous world of the undead.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

Telltale wolf among us

While many fans are sad to see the Walking Dead series go, I’m personally more excited to see more on the front of The Wolf Among Us which features grim fables in a modern day world. The new season has me excited for all the new twists and turns that could possibly happen in the world. Season 2 will still star Bigsby Wolf and Snow White, but according to the studio, it will be a standalone story separate from our last adventures.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Who’s not excited to see more Batman as a graphical novel? While the first season wasn’t perfect, it was still a nice breath of fresh air when stepping into the mantle of the caped crusader. The new season will have The Riddler returning to Gotham to terrorize with his deadly puzzles, all the while Bruce Wayne will have his own difficulties to navigate in his daily life. There will be new allies to assist the Dark Knight. But who will you trust to help in the situations to challenge the greatest detective in the DC universe? It will be interesting again to see what other villains may show up and all the moral dilemmas we will face as not only Batman but Bruce Wayne as well.

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Final Season and The Wolf Among Us Season 2 are scheduled for 2018, while we will be able to take up the mantle of the bat again starting August¬†8, 2017.

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