Anthony Bourdain to release comic book series of food-based ghost stories

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain must be the happiest man on the planet.

For starters, he’s a chef which allows him to be creative while making money doing something that he loves. If you know Bourdain, you know how passionate he is about food. He’s also hosted several shows in the past including Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Layover. Both shows involve the genial foodie visiting various places around the world while soaking up the culture, speaking with locals and eating tons of delicious food. That sounds rough. He pretty much does the same thing on his current CNN show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. If his life didn’t already seem amazing, Bourdain’s also dabbling in comic books.

That’s right, the Emmy award-winning TV star is all set to release his comic book series based on foodie ghost stories. Now, there’s a new one. The four-issue anthology series of haunting tales is titled Hungry Ghosts and is co-written by Bourdain along with acclaimed writer Joel Rose. It will be published by Berger Books which is an imprint of Karen Berger’s new Dark Horse Comics.

A statement on reads: ‘Inspired by the Japanese Edo Period game Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai or 100 Candles, played by samurai warriors to test their courage, ‘Hungry Ghosts’ reimagines this classic game of dread and terror as a circle of international chefs invoke modern tales of horror, terrifying yokai, yorei, and obake, all with the common thread of food.’

Bourdain confirmed the news on Twitter stating, “HUNGRY GHOSTS coming 2018.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t Bourdain’s first time working on a comic book. He and Rose also worked on the 2012 graphic novel Get Jiro!  with artist Langdon Foss and its 2015 sequel Get Jiro!: Blood & Sushi with Ale Garza providing the art work.

Hungry Ghosts #1 goes on sale January 31, 2018.

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