SDCC 2017: Teen Titans Go! bag acknowledges the original series’ superiority?

Widespread frustration over the Teen Titans Go! series is no secret. In 2013, Warner Bros. had an opportunity to bring back a beloved show with the same voice actors from a decade earlier. Instead, the series changed into a more kid-friendly version of its former self. Some episodes go beyond its aim at kids and feel mind-numbingly dumb.

After four years though, the new version of the show keeps airing on the Cartoon Network. So it must be successful on some level. Plus, the show does become mildly entertaining when it touches upon its own history. But most fans would still prefer the old version because it had a darker feel and slightly more mature storylines. It offered subtle humor too.

Well, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment seem to acknowledge the former series’ popularity in their San Diego Comic-Con bag this week. Robin voice actor Scott Menville posted about the bag on Twitter a few hours ago.

Other fans are wondering if the bag hints that the original series will make a comeback.

The old show already makes its presence known on Teen Titans Go! in various ways. Sometimes the producers use stock footage from the previous series with a less-serious script as a joke. The new show directly makes fun of its fans through this method and by other means, such as when the team is forced the watch the old Teen Titans.

What a tease to bring back those clips!

Oh well. So what does the SDCC bag mean then? Possibly nothing. It could just be another simple nod to the past.

While the producers clearly recognize fans enjoyed the older 2003 Teen Titans, they seem to like teasing the adult fans with short clips of its past glory and a cool-looking collectable bag at SDCC. But the new series is not likely to change. At least, the SDCC bag is cool though right? It is nice to see the old artwork pop up here and there, rather than never.

Teen Titans Go! currently airs on the Cartoon Network several times a week. No one will experience any trouble finding the show on television. As for fans of the old Teen Titans, just enjoy those 2003-2006 episodes and feel glad it ran for five seasons. Few shows last forever (except The Simpsons).

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