Dragon Ball Super – A hidden agenda in the Tournament of Power?

The Tournament of Power has finally begun and there have been some insane action. From the beginning, every fighter has given their all with tons of explosions covering the arena. Naturally Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, 17 and 18 leave the group to make most of whatever fight they can get into. Seeing as most of Universe 7 was separated, Universe 9 took advantage and ended up with an 8 vs 2 against Goku and Vegeta. Against all odds, they managed to eliminate their opponents and marked all 10 members of Universe 9 being eliminated. With much excitement, both Zeno’s erased the 10 fallen members as well as Universe 9 and their Supreme Kai/God of Destruction.

We all knew it was going to happen eventually. What’s surprising is how soon a Universe was defeated. The second episode into the Tournament as we’ve seen the first casualty. Seeing each Universe fight for survival is one thing, seeing their demise is another. The unsettling feeling we should’ve felt was when Universe 9 was erased. Instead, most felt uneasy for what happened afterward. Once erased, Universe 9 Angel Mojito just smiled and shrugged it off as if it was nothing. From there the Grand Priest stared down Goku as the erasure completed as if challenging him.

Is there a hidden agenda in the Tournament of Power?

Since that episode, there have been numerous theories as to what is actually taking place.  The main theory that is floating around is that the Grand Priest has a plan with all of the Universe Angels. If that were the case, then the Grand Priest would be the next villain and theoretically either stronger than Zeno or in complete control over them. But what purpose would serve the erasure of 7 Universes to the Grand Priest? According to Whis, some of the Angels are the Grand Priest’s children. Which could lead to the Grand Priest scheming to either free them or jointly team with them in ridding the Universes. There still isn’t a why seeing as if the God of Destruction or Supreme Kai is killed, the Angel remains dormant until a new one is appointed. That didn’t happen after the erasure, but doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all.

So if the Angels are dormant after their Universe is erased, then why did the Grand Priest stare down Goku? And why did Universe 9 Angel Mojito smile as well? One thing that stood out to Mojito is how much he disliked his God of Destruction and Supreme Kai. In almost every scene he’s in Mojito looks disappointed toward Universe 9. Even the Trio de Danger admits their Universe is garbage and worked together to survive. Mojito’s smile could’ve been a sign of relief. And since Universe 9 was ranked the weakest Universe, it’s as if Mojito knew it was going to happen.

Goku needs to get serious!

Now, the Grand Priest’s reaction is mainly at what has transpired. None of the Universe’s teams were taking the tournament seriously. One from Universe 9 even joked that she was eliminated with a wink and smile. Goku even ran into battle to fight Toppo again rather than attempt to eliminate as many members as possible. That stare down was showing Goku that Zeno is serious about the losing teams being erased. It made each remaining team rethink their strategies and even stopped the fighting for a bit. Universe 9 was reckless and they lost immediately. Other teams have lost a few, and even Universe 7 lost Krillin early on as well.

When their guards are down or aren’t being serious, they end up being eliminated. Goku and Vegeta rushing into battle is reckless. 18 was also nearly eliminated as well. Universe 7 needs to start working together if they’re going to survive the Tournament of Power. And with how easily Goku was almost eliminated, he better start taking it seriously.

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