Become Rocket, Hulk, or Captain Marvel in Marvel Powers United VR

Marvel Powers United VR
D23 Expo’s Level Up! Video Games Showcase had a lot to excite gamers. They got to see the talent behind upcoming games like Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Kingdom Hearts 3. One game that popped out of nowhere is a new game called Marvel Powers United VR. As you can guess, this is a VR game, and you’ll get to become heroes like Captain Marvel, Hulk or Rocket Raccoon. During the panel, an announcement trailer was released, giving gamers a glimpse of what they can experience as one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes.

From Marvel, Oculus and Shanzaru Games, the co-op multiplayer title will be the first Marvel VR game and will allow up to four players to fight alongside each other. They will get to pick their favorite Marvel heroes. The announcement trailer only shows Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, and Hulk. But there will be a dozen of playable Marvel characters. Once a character has been chosen, players will need to stop notable Marvel villains, accomplish missions and aim for high scores.

As the Hulk, you’ll get to use the Oculus Touch and smash everything in your path. As Rocket, you’ll get to guns as you blast everything around you. And finally as Captain Marvel, well, you’ll get to shoot energy from your hands.

Furthermore, if you want a chance to play the game, visit the Marvel booth July 19-23 at San Diego Comic-Con. (That’s if you’re lucky enough to get a badge.)

For more information, you can visit as they’ll be releasing more announcements closer to launch.

Marvel Powers United VR is coming in 2018 and will be exclusive to the Oculus + Touch.

Not to mention, you can watch the entire D23 EXPO Level Up! Video Games Showcase below.

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