Kevin Feige dispels popular ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ theory

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s certainly a Spider-Man kind of week, ain’t it?

Of course it has! Spider-Man: Homecoming has become a hit with fans of both the comic universe as well as the cinematic universe. Sony Pictures blew movie goers away and created a Spidey that seems to have jumped right out of the comics and on to the big screen. The film not only showcased everything that we loved about the Web Slinger, but also gave us a keen glimpse in the hero’s world as well.

How awesome was the reveal that the Vulture was the father of Peter’s high school crush, Liz? So crazy! But one of the biggest “reveals” that occurred in the film wasn’t only the fact that Aunt May spots Peter changing out of his Spidey outfit before the credits roll, but the singular, yet unmistakeable easter egg of Zendaya’s Michelle revealing that “My friends call me MJ.” Many fans thought this was solid and irrefutable evidence of what we’ve been saying all along: Zendaya is playing Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s ultimate love interest! This revelation, however, was short-lived, as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke with Den of Geek, and squashed every inkling of hope in that theory.

“In setting up this will be a very different thing, she’s not Mary Jane Watson, that’s not who the character is. But giving her the initials that remind you of that dynamic certainly is intriguing about what could go forward.”

Furthermore, Feige continued to dispel all lingering thoughts and hopes that she may still be MJ as he spoke with IGN.

“We never even looked at it as a big reveal necessarily but more of just a fun homage to his past adventures and his past love. She’s not Mary Jane Watson. She never was Mary Jane Watson.”

Feige explains that Zendaya was always supposed to be a new character added into the Spider-Verse, and that it was only by “coincidence” that she carried the same initials as the hero’s love interest. “It was never a big, ‘Oh my God, it’s a big reveal!’ There are big reveals in the movie. That’s not one of them.”

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What do you think? Does this seem legitimate, or do you feel like the carpet’s being pulled from under you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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