AX 2017: Inti Creates CEO discusses Blaster Master Zero, Mega Man

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Inti Creates will be a familiar name to Mega Man fanatics. The development team worked on the Mega Man Zero series, as well as the retro-style Mega Man 9 and 10 for Capcom. Additionally, they helped Comcept on the spiritual successor to Mega Man, titled Mighty No. 9. Despite the latter game’s troubles, fans respect Inti Creates for their overall solid work.

Besides their work on Mega Man, the company released Blaster Master Zero this year for the Nintendo 3DS and Switch.

To help promote two new characters for the game, Initi Creates President and CEO Takuya Aizu made an appearance at Anime Expo last week and introduced Shovel Knight and Shantae as DLC. He also took questions from the audience.

Some people might need a reminder on the Shantae series. It started in 2002 with a Game Boy Color release and poor sales. Over the years though, the original title enjoyed a cult following and spawned a 2010 sequel and two more games after. The fourth game in the series titled Shantae: Half-Genie Hero came out last year on numerous platforms.

Aizu explained Shantae is available for free as a Blaster Master Zero character until July 19. She will then cost $1.99.

As for Shovel Knight, the game originally came out on Wii U, 3DS and Windows in 2014. The game also enjoyed rising popularity among the indie scene and released on almost every other platform over the next few years.

The character Shovel Knight is available for free on Blaster Master Zero from Aug. 3-16. After Aug. 16, he will also cost $1.99. The same information can be found on the Inti Creates website.

But unsurprisingly, most fans wanted to know about Mega Man even though Inti Creates has no control over the series. Below are the questions and Aizu’s answers (some edited for space) through a translator.

Question: “Are there other old-school franchises you would like to work on?”

Aizu: “It was pure coincidence we were able to revive a franchise like Blaster Master. If we have another opportunity like that … who knows what can happen in the future. I think it would be a lot of fun to take an old IP and rise it up from the ashes and make it something new and cool.”

Question: “Will Mega Man ever come to Blaster Master Zero (or Zero)?”

Aizu: “It’s harder to pull characters from major companies like that, as a tiny little company that we are. But we are going to keep on trying to do cool stuff. You never know.”

Question: “A certain blue-bomber has not gotten a game in nine years. Would you guys ever want to work with (Capcom) again?”

Aizu: “You guys really love this blue guy. We can’t just go ahead and make a game like that. If an offer did come our way, we would be overjoyed to make another Mega Man game. That would be awesome.”

Question: “Whenever the decision was made to put Shantae and Shovel Knight in Blaster Master Zero, whose decision was it?”

Aizu: “So the director for Blaster Master Zero … he is a huge fan of both Shantae and Shovel Knight. He was like ‘I would love to have these characters in this game.’ That’s when we got to work to reach out to guys like Matt from Way Forward and Nick from Yacht Club. And thankfully we were able to.”

Question: “What are the chances you guys are going to work on a similar style of game (to Mega Man ZX) for the Switch in the future?”

Aizu: “It goes without saying, the Mega Man ZX series was actually quite challenging for us as a company to make. But we really had a fantastic experience making it. We wish we could have made a ZX3, but unfortunately … that never came to be. It goes without saying, we would certainly love to make a game like that, however making a game like that comes with a lot of time costs. We aren’t a Triple AAA game company or anything like that. So making a game of that scale would certainly be a challenge and difficult for us. I’d certainly love to. If our company can grow and get bigger, it’s something we can do down the line.”

Question: “What are the chances of there being more ports to the Nintendo Switch?”

Aizu: “We actually are in the process of bringing Azure Striker Gunvolt series, Gunvolt 1 and 2. We are … in the process of porting those to the Nintendo Switch. It’s being completely redone and made for the Switch. But in terms of older properties … if there is something that we can add to what is already there … that could be a possibility in a conversation we have down the road.”

Question: “What about Gal*Gun: Double Peace?”

Aizu: “Gal*Gun: Double Peace was developed in Unreal Engine 3, which is not supported by the Nintendo Switch. There would be a lot of challenges in porting something like that.”

Props to Mr. Aizu for taking questions from the crowd at AX.

The Gal*Gun answer must be difficult for Switch fans to read. Inti Creates seems to be supporting the Switch nicely though as well as possible. Expect them to bring what they can to the difficult-to-find hybrid console.

Just do not expect another Mega Man from Inti Creates anytime soon.

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