HBO’s ‘Westworld’ gives creepy clues for second season

Last year’s surprise series coming out of HBO took the masses by storm! Based on the 1973 film of the same name, Westworld combines our love for robots and the desire for a technologically advanced future…then squashes both of those things with the automaton revolution! Yeah, it was a great series.

Well, it seems that the folks at HBO are getting a jump on promoting the upcoming second season, as their Discover Westworld website started showing an odd message thread that seems a bit off. It starts as someone is trying to send out a message for help, asking if anyone is out there.

The message, however, is quickly stopped short and removed. Suddenly the message box glitches, and begins loading something called “Journey Into Night.” We soon find a new message being written on the screen by a “Registered User” stating that all is well, and simply, “Celebrations continue..”.

Finally, we see an the Delos Incorporated slogan imposed over a scene of mountains, letting visitors of the site now has a “brand new narrative.” Additionally, a small insert at the bottom gives a fun promise for fans going to SDCC this year, as Delos plans to have their newest Experience Center in San Diego.

So it looks as though we’re going to get an up close and personal look at the Delos Incorporated team, and all those who made Westworld possible (minus Dr. Ford…or will we?). We knew that Westworld was going to be at Comic Con with a panel and autograph signings, but it sounds like they’re going to have a unique interaction with the fans as well. How awesome is that?!

Let’s just hope that in this experience, everything goes a lot better than what happened at the end of the series. I’ll never look at the It’s a Small World ride the same way again.

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