Harmonix drops the bass with DropMix music party game

With blockbusters series like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central Harmonix is a developer that’s no stranger to music. Now they’ve teamed up with Hasbro to give us a music game that is both new and unique. It’s called DropMix, and I guarantee it’ll be your next favorite game and party game for quite a while. Now this isn’t your run of the mill music game, it’s actually card-based (this is where Hasbro comes in). Not only that, but it’s only playable through a free app on the Android and iOS platforms (phones and tablets basically). The trailer below might give a little bit better of an idea of what it’s about.

You place cards onto a light-up hardware board (connected via Bluetooth to your device) battling opponents and creating mixes in hopes of earning enough points to score the win. Sounds simple enough right? It is, but the most fun comes from the music you create. Each card is a unique and song coming from one of four genres: Rock, Hip Hop, EDM and Pop. These songs are from some of the top artists all around the world, so the songs should be familiar to most.

Also, every card is denoted with a specific musical element from that song: vocals, bass line, guitar, bass guitar, drums. There are corresponding slots on the board that you place the cards to match their type. Each card has an NFC chip embedded in it, which is how the board and app reads what is placed down.

You’d probably think mashing up all kinds of music genres would lead to some horrific mixes. This is where the coolest part of everything really shines, which is the technology behind everything. The software automatically matches everything in play to a tempo where it all melds together beautifully. Just think of your favorite DJ live-mixing a set at a big music festival. Check out the video below for a full live demo of the game:

Besides the amazing mixes you can create, I’d have to say my other favorite part has to be the artwork on the cards. Every card has their own individual custom artwork that is representative of the song on the card. The attention to detail on them are more than superb. I really can’t wait to get this game, as it was so much fun to play. There are multiple modes including a head-to-head Clash, Party Mode, and a chill mode that just lets you sit and create different mixes. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll be spending most of my time on.

The game will be available in September and retails for $99, which includes the game board and 60 cards. Hasbro will also be releasing Discover Packs with 5 cards for $5 and Playlist Packs with 16 cards for $15.


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