Astro introduces their most affordable headset in the A10

Astro Gaming is a name that has become synonymous with great quality and sound. This is something reflected in their products as well as the price points. For quite some time, the cheapest headset you could get from Astro started at the $250 price range. Admittedly, that can seem a bit steep for someone on a budget and isn’t a hardcore gamer. Things are about to change though, as Astro have announced a new wallet-friendly headset to their lineup called the A10.

The A10 looks to be the most accessible Astro headset yet with a starting price point of $60, or together with the MixAmp M60 for the Xbox One for $100. There is a headset for each system (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC) denoted by different colors (blue, green, red), but they can all be interchanged and isn’t specific to one particular system. So it basically comes down to whichever color you prefer best.

You’re probably thinking just because these are cheaper in price, that the quality is downgraded as well. You couldn’t be more inaccurate about that. The same Astro quality found in their top-of-the-line headsets like the A50 can be found in the A10. The headband itself is actually made out of metal with a polycarbonate cover, which means they can withstand being twisted or bent. Honestly, how many times have you accidentally or almost accidentally stepped on your gaming headset? I know I have plenty of times.

On the sound side of things, Astro have dropped in 40mm drivers to give gamers the loudest and clearest sound they can. One cool feature is that this headset will be able to work as surround sound headphones. This comes from a Dolby Access app that allows any headset to imitate Dolby Atmos effects. Obviously the A10 will function a bit better from the software comparatively to your standard headphones.

Something different from other Astro headsets though, is the attached boom mic, rather than having it detachable. I’m sure some of you out there have misplaced your mic at one point or another, so this sort of alleviates that problem. Now with it being attached, it allows for you to mute yourself if you put it upright, as well as activating the mic if it’s down.

The Astro A1o is available currently, and stay tuned for our review of it as well!

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