Wolverine’s children to team up for Orphans of X

Orphans of X
In a brand new story arc, Wolverine’s children will team up to solve the deadly mystery of the Orphans of X as part of Marvel Legacy. The story, from writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal, will involve Daken’s sudden disappearance and Laura’s mission to track him down.

If you’re not an avid comic book reader, you may not be aware that Wolverine, in fact, has a son. Named Daken, the character has acted the part of a super villain for the most part and clashed with his father on many occasions. Though he was a major aspect of Marvel comics at one point, he hasn’t been so lately. However, recently, you can find him in the pages of All-New Wolverine alongside Logan’s clone-daughter and new Wolverine, Laura Kinney.

“Daken and Laura have had a fractious past,” Taylor tells ComicBook.com. “Though, that might be putting it mildly, given they’ve tried to kill each other. But as seen in our recent Immune storyline, Daken and Laura are now quite close. Laura is one of the few people that Daken has genuine affection for. They are brother and sister.”

Following Daken’s trail will lead Wolverine back to the Facility. This was where she was born and tortured into becoming a vicious weapon.

“The Facility is abandoned and serves as a reminder of everything Laura endured there,” Taylor explains. “It’s a painful return, but a stunning one due to the art of Juann Cabal,” whose art Taylor says “doesn’t gravitate towards the straightforward and linear.”

If you were confused about the Orphans of X while reading this, you weren’t alone. Their identities are unknown at this point and Taylor says that information will remain under wraps for now. Although they will challenge Wolverine in some interesting new ways.

“The only thing certain is they hate Laura and her family and they clearly have great means and reach,” says Taylor. “They could well be the most formidable adversaries Laura has ever come across.”

You can check out “Orphans of X” when it kicks off in All-New Wolverine #25 this fall.

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