E3 2017: ‘Circle of Saviors’ brings back that old school arcade feeling

Circle of Saviors
VR may not be the best way forward for certain video game genres. But one that could make a resurgence with the immersive platform is the first-person monster fighting genre. There was a brief wave less than a decade ago in arcades. And Epic’s Infinity Blade port was the only one to garner acclaim by critics. Now with that being said, we have a very similar game with Circle of Saviors. However, the swiping mechanics have been replaced with actually swinging your arms and moving your body thanks to VR.

During my time with Circle of Saviors, I fought through multiple rounds of goblins, orcs, and buzzards. Eventually, I had to face a towering boss, an ogre intent on spilling my blood. To help out with combat, the game allows for a second player to join in with a crossbow to help from afar. This is done by using a monitor attached to a rifle-shaped controller. They will have to move around to dodge incoming attacks. But they will be less active than the main player, who’s on the frontline and will have to defeat enemies with melee weapons.

So far from trailers, they have shown off sword and shield, dual wielding swords, and a club. Circle of Saviors is also augmented with mixed reality so that an audience can enjoy the game without the need to put on the headset or participate in the actual battle.

E3 was the first time that Circle of Saviors was shown outside of Japan. And if they keep up with polishing and continue support for the game in a long-term fashion, then we could easily see this genre make a resurgence.

Check out the trailer below and see if you will be brave enough to step into the Circle of Saviors.

Circle of Saviors currently has no set release date.

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