Portal Knights Review (PS4)

Portal Knights
When Minecraft was released, it provided a new type of sandbox-style game like no other. Countless games have mimicked the style, but only to the point where it feels like the same game. Keen Games takes the formula that made Minecraft fun and addictive and adds its own flair with Portal Knights. The simplistic style remains, but don’t let the cuteness fool you. Deep down is a never-ending adventure that challenges you each step of the way. Many RPG elements are utilized to create a whole new experience in Portal Knights.

At first, Portal Knights looks and feels like Minecraft, but that’s where the similarities end. Instead, the focus is more on the action within the adventure. From the beginning, you choose a character: Warrior, Ranger, or a Mage. Each class offers a different play style as well as different skills. From there you are thrown into a world where your adventure is only as grand as your imagination. You mine resources that are used to craft items and weapons. But along each map is a gate that is missing the portal. By defeating enemies, you find portal pieces that you use to fix the gate and travel to the next world. Along the way, each new map offers tougher monsters as well as NPCs to offer you quests.

More than just a Minecraft clone

The adventure that Portal Knights gives you seems like a long trek. Each new map you come across is fully dynamic and filled with surprises to find. The gameplay is what separates this from other Minecraft style games. The targeting system used is similar to Zelda games, which allow for an engaging experience. Each monster you face will have you dodging and running as well as attacking. And to ensure battles are not so difficult, the gameplay switches to 3rd person for visibility. You can switch back and forth between 1st and 3rd, but battles are always set in 3rd-person perspective.

While you’re leveling up and gaining/crafting new items and weapons, the enemies become tougher. Being able to level up and allocate skill points will set you up for the challenge. The maps themselves become challenging as well. Some are filled with dungeons that feel like a mini raid. Some will have hidden chests for you to find. And some will have NPCs around to help. There are even boss battles that you’ll encounter. This brings the true action RPG experience full circle.  Top it off with full multiplayer support and you have an adventure that you can share with your friends.

Final Reaction

Portal Knights is a solid action RPG set in the cute and fun world that’s inspired by Minecraft. Gameplay is engaging while utilizing the sandbox-style genre for a never-ending adventure. Grab a few friends or play alone, either way, Portal Knights will have you hooked. If you’re familiar with Minecraft, then you’ll feel right at home. But once you jump in, you’ll find yourself in a more treacherous adventure that gets exciting as you progress.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

Portal Knights is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam

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