Our EDC 2017 is filled with memories, dancing and PLUR

EDC 2017

Credit: Stephen Bondio/Insomniac

EDC 2017 is over, and with it were 400,000 EDM fans, 8 stages, over 230 artists, 18 carnival rides, and 10 art installations. Each year is a spectacle, and 2017 is no different.

As my colleague JR and I are in a car headed to Las Vegas for EDC 2017 on a Sunday morning, I look at the thermostat and am surprised at the rising temperature. It was a whopping 115 degrees! And it is only going to rise once we arrive in Las Vegas. Even though I was shocked, I wasn’t worried about my EDC experience. Sooner or later, I know we’ll be sweating it up anyway with lots of dancing and jumping up and down.

You’re probably wondering why we’re going to EDC for just one day. Well, I had a prior engagement the day before shooting a pre-wedding video for JR and his fiance. Duty calls.

As we arrive in Las Vegas, the first thing we had to take care of is getting our wristbands. We head to the Mandalay Bay, and it was smooth sailing with no lines in sight. That’s what I like to see. (Plus, we got it on a Sunday afternoon.)

We then met up with our other crew in Las Vegas at the Luxor. Of course, the night hasn’t started yet so we had time to go to one of my favorite taco joints, Tacos El Gordo. I usually get tacos with carne asada and al pastor, but this time the gang treated me with carne asada fries. It was so delicious, and my only regret was eating the whole thing. (It’s so worth it.)

After filling my belly, it’s finally time for the long ride from the Vegas Strip to the Vegas Speedway. With many people trying to get there when the gates open, traffic would be inevitable. Bumper to bumper traffic does suck, but we get ourselves hyped with loud EDM music and bobbing our heads up and down with other fans passing by in their cars.

We parked our car, and then proceed to the gate!

There was trouble at the gate. A fan decided he didn’t need to be checked at the security checkpoint and started to bypass all of that by running. This led to the security team sprinting after the man. Other fans cheered him on as he tried to escape into the crowd, but he was soon apprehended. EDC can get a bit crazy.

EDC 2017 is a huge music festival filled with lots of activity. The main event is, of course, the artists. And I was excited for the chance to check out their sets including Madeon, Seven Lions, Flux Pavilion and Chet Porter. If you need a breather, there’s plenty to do like going on the carnival rides or resting in the many areas with food and refreshments all around.

There are many spots for emergencies and medical aid, so one should feel very safe. It’s also important to stay hydrated, and EDC has many water stations for guests at no extra cost. Simply have the attendant fill up your water backpack or Insomniac bottles.

One of my favorite activities during EDC is creating Kandi, and the VIP areas have plenty of Kandi stations. The EDM community is so welcoming, and Kandi helps bring people together. If you’re hanging out with someone and are digging their vibe, you can give them your Kandi via the PLUR handshake (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect). This is what it’s all about, and it’s such an important part of what makes EDC so special.

The community is fun and many go all out with their outfits. There are the standard sexy outfits and shirtless ones, and then the really cool ones feature pop culture themes. I’ve seen women dressed as sexy versions of DJ Marshmello, wearing Pokemon-themed outfits like a giant Pokeball, The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, and more. Totems help groups find each other, and nothing says epic like a giant Rick and Morty totem or an Avengers banner.

We’ve met some wonderful fans and have exchanged Kandi. I remember a guest next to me who was super nice and made me feel at home by offering me Kandi on the spot.

In addition, there’s a story of someone I know who has been picked on at school. It was a pretty sad life, but that all changed when she went to EDC. And it was there where she met a group of friends who didn’t care about what she’s like back home and embraced her for who she is. The friendship would grow and continue to this day.

There are so many artists performing all over at the same time, and it’s impossible to not have a good time. If you’re not digging one artist’s set, simply move on to the next one. When you do move about, don’t forget to stay safe and to regroup with friends if you’re lost. Always have a spot for meeting up if your phone dies or if you can’t get in contact with anyone.

Dancing and Relaxing

EDC is a high energy event, and one would think that listening to soothing and relaxing music would be out of the question. Wrong! There are many artists that will get you so pumped that you can’t resist shaking your body. And then there are those who will make you feel like you’re running across a grassy field with the sun shining brightly behind you. With this in mind, I was ecstatic for Chet Porter’s set at the end of the night. He performed on the cosmicMEADOW stage, an area with bleacher seats that’s perfect for relaxing and taking in the music.

All in all, EDC 2017 is a wonderful and magical experience filled with new friends, music, and fun.

All EDC 2017 photos by JR Cajigas unless noted otherwise.

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