E3 2017: MX4D turns eSports viewing into immersive experience

The eSports industry is projected to earn $696 million in 2017, and it’s going to jump to $1.5 billion in 2020. To help with bringing a younger audience into theatres, MediaMation has partnered with Hollywood Hammers and TCL Chinese Theatre to give audiences an immersive viewing experience with MX4D eSports EFX Theatres. We have covered 4D theatrical experiences for films like Wonder Woman in the past. Now, what would it be like when audiences are watching players play video games like Street Fighter V or Overwatch in MX4D? It’s a spectacle to behold.

We had the chance to check out the MX4D demo at E3, and it has been loads of fun. Thanks to the big screen, motion seats and effects, I was truly immersed when watching players compete. Viewing an eSports match is exhilarating since the seats are moving all over the place, wind and water are blasting against your face, and more. In addition, effects also include neck ticklers, back poker, scent, air blast, seat poppers, rumbler and leg tickler. These seats have it all.

There is a huge difference between watching a game and a film. If you’re watching a film for the first time, the 4D experience is likely going to be a distraction. With gaming, fans of a particular game will already know its gameplay mechanics and maps. Therefore adding special effects will only enhance their experience.

MX4D Operators Help Create the Experience

A film will have automated controls since it’s a passive medium. With gaming, it currently requires an MX4D controller. Furthermore, I had the chance to mess around with the controls thanks to MediaMation. The joystick is the main part of controlling movement for the seats, with buttons to activate the special effects. Playing around with the controls is kind of like playing a video game. Only here the MX4D operator has to emulate the feel of being in a match, and each operator has to know how to play the game. Therefore, they know what to expect and how to give a good show for audiences.

eSports fans will definitely get a kick out of the MX4D eSports theatres.

For more information, visit MX-4D.

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