E3 2017: Bringing RTS into VR with ‘Brass Tactics’

Brass Tactics
We have seen a lot of action, platformers, shooters and other video game genres make the leap to VR. While I’m sure strategy games have been made before, Brass Tactics by Hidden Path Entertainment (Age of Empires) happens to be my first RTS (real-time strategy) game in VR.

At the surface, Brass Tactics uses the tried and true mechanics of traditional RTS games that players expect to see when waging war against their opponents. These include upgradeable bases, multiple units, and maps where players can fight for new locations to harvest materials. When upgrading your base, choices will be hard since you only have a finite amount of slots available for upgrades. Units can generally upgrade twice, and each gives them new skills and unique bonuses to help make in combat. Maps also will have unique player accessible mechanics such as catapults where players can manually aim and launch.


Now the biggest thing you’re probably wondering is how the controls work. Brass Tactics uses the Oculus Touch controller grips to manipulate the map and triggers to select and order units around. Turning the left controller over so the palm of your hand is facing up will bring up a tablet that you can use to construct new buildings. Brass Tactics keeps things simple by limiting buildings to specific locations to prevent overwhelming players with base organization.

Players should be able to pick up the controls for Brass Tactics relatively easily. In no time I was zipping around the map and coordinating multiple attack forces to assault my opponent’s bases.  Although I was only able to compete against the A.I. in a standalone exhibition match, Brass Tactics will also allow 2-player co-op vs A.I,  competitive modes online, and a full single-player campaign.

Check out the gameplay trailer below for Brass Tactics. And we look forward to virtually seeing you on the battlefield.

Brass Tactics will be available in October 2017 exclusively for Oculus Rift with Touch controllers.

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