E3 2017: Logitech brings performance and freedom without wires

For years Logitech has been creating ways to bring players and technology closer together. Now it looks to bring gamers the full performance of a professional gaming mouse with wireless freedom and unlimited charge. Furthermore, this allows users to not have to switch batteries or plug in their mouse every time it gets low on power.

At E3, we had a chance to visit Logitech and chat with Technical Marketing Manager Andrew Conrad about Logitech G’s recently announced Powerplay charging system and Lightspeed Technology.

Lightspeed Technology and Powerplay Wireless Charging

Until now using a wired mouse is heavily preferred especially in PC gaming. Any input lag could easily mean defeat, so using a wireless mouse has never really been an option. With a one-millisecond report rate and end-to-end signal optimization, Lightspeed delivers competition-level responsiveness at speeds faster than many competitive wired gaming mice. Decades of wireless engineering experience mean Lightspeed has wireless signal strength up to 16x (12dB) higher than the competition. It also has a unique Frequency Agility Mechanism that automatically avoids problematic interference, ensuring smooth and consistent performance.

Logitech combines this with its new Powerplay Wireless Charging System. Instead of having to switch out a battery inside your mouse or having to reattach a cable to your wireless mouse, all you need to do is just use your mouse naturally. The only wire needed is the POWERPLAY’s 275 x 320mm surface. It delivers wireless power without interfering with the precise tracking and data transmission of high-performance gaming mice. Together with the Powercore module, it stays charged thanks to the infinite energy field being created right where the user’s mousepad is.

Combined with the new G903 and G703 Lightspeed wireless gaming mice, users will never need to worry about sacrificing performance. They are also able to select between a soft or hard mousepad to place over the Powerplay surface.

You can learn more about Logitech G’s Powerplay and Lightspeed at the Logitech website.

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