AMC’s Preacher keeps momentum going with second season opener (recap & review)

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Last year’s debut of the epic AMC series, Preacher, took many people by surprise! From its genius mix of cheeky writing, no holds barred action, and no shortage of scenes with blood and gore, AMC has gone and done it again: it’s created another smash hit that will have fans at the edge of their couches.


We pick up right where we last left off with Cassidy, Tulip and the Preacher: careening down the road in Tulip’s 1972 Chevy Chevelle, on the hunt for God. After a quick bit of fun in a car chase with the police – reminiscent in the style of a family car scene from the classic TV series, The Brady Bunch – the trio find themselves in the crosshairs of the unknown gunman from Hell. With all the police taken out by the gunman, Jesse and Tulip decide that it’s time to go, and rescue Cassidy from being burned (again) in the sun, and burn rubber in their car.

Once out of the harms way, they head on down to Jesse’s theological contact, Preacher Mike, one whom Jesse states that he may know where to start looking for God. Tulip and Cassidy quickly realize that Jesse’s friend is a little unorthodox, with his demeanor, the way he talks, oh and the fact that he has a girl locked in a cage in his barn. Jesse explains the truth of the matter that God is missing from Heaven, and that nobody knows where he is. Mike is surprisingly unfazed by this information, stating that he had an inkling that there was something wrong for some time.

The trio heads out the next morning, but not before Jesse gets some information from Mike about a woman who runs a local “dance hall” that may have ran into God. Jesse and the crew head to the “dance hall”, i.e. the strip club with a live Jazz band down the road called She Shes, where they find the woman who Mike had said was white with fear after seeing the Holy One. Cassidy decides to wander off, looking for “clues,” while Tulip and Jesse find the woman to ask about her encounter.

While the crew is at She Shes, Preacher Mike begins to hear his dog bark in the distance, and with determination in his eyes, he grabs hold of a knife, and sits down at his armchair. Suddenly, after a loud yelp from Mike’s dog, the door blows open, and in walks the gunman, who simply utters, “Preacher.” Mike tells him that he’s the only preacher here, and that he knows who he is: The Saint of Killers. The gunman tells Mike that if he knows who he is, then he must also know that the knife he’s holding won’t stop him from making Mike talk. Mike tells him that the knife isn’t for stopping him; it’s for stopping himself from talking. He them plunges the knife deep into his own chest, killing himself. The gunman looks, then walks out of the home to continue searching.

The woman explains that God was a regular “customer” of the establishment. When Jesse pushes for more information, the woman becomes short with the duo, ending her conversation with them. Jesse coyly asks Tulip for permission to use Genesis on her to get the information out of her. Tulip is hesitant, telling Jesse that she thinks it’s a lazy way to get the information. All the while this is happening, Cassidy is fighting with one of the bouncers – which is visible on the monitor behind Tulip and Jesse. All of a sudden, the bouncer fires his gun, the bullet going through the walls, and finding its journey’s end in the chest of the woman Jesse and Tulip were talking to. Before the woman passes, however, Jesse uses Genesis to find that God wasn’t a regular because of the women; he was a regular because of the music.

The crew head to a local hotel, where Cassidy apologizes to Jesse for his part in the shooting of the woman before getting all the information they needed. Jesse forgives Cass, and tells him that he’ll see him in the morning. Cassidy smiles and says good night as Jesse and Tulip go into their own room. Not having much alone time, Jesse and Tulip make quick, violent work of rekindling their passion for each other. All the while Jesse and Tulip are “rocking the boat,” Cassidy is in the next room, watching TV, amidst the sounds of a distant headboard banging on the wall. While viewing a commercial for a traveling Guru, the Amazing Ganesh, Cassidy finds something peculiar about the individual on his television screen.

Later that evening, Jesse awakens and goes out to the curb to have a smoke. His gaze turns down the road, and instantly, his eyes grow with fear. Further down the road, the gunman slowly makes his way towards Jesse. Jesse, using Genesis, utters with a loud booming voice “Stop,” but the gunman continues walking. Jesse, bewildered, tries again, with a bit more gusto, but the gunman keeps his pace. Jesse is completely shocked, and watches in awe as the gunman raises his pistol towards Jesse, ready to fire. Suddenly, as the music ramps, you hear the distant click of the gun, pointed directly at a befuddled Jesse, and right before anything happens, the episode ends.


As the second season opener for the series, I have to admit: this was an incredible way to get the season going! I’m a huge fan of the comics, and after last year, I couldn’t wait for the follow-up season. Now that we’re in full swing, I’m excited to see that the consistency of the series hasn’t deviated from the original formula: still tons of blood, action, and cheeky dialogue.

Another thing that I love about this series is that there isn’t any dead time through the episode. You can watch each episode, and not feel like you’re wasting any time with filler scenes. Every second of this episode was stellar, robust with information that was crucial to the overall story. If you blinked and missed it, the episode wouldn’t be as fulfilling as it could’ve been. Case in point, the scene where Cassidy is suggesting that if Tulip and Jesse want to “shag” while he’s in the bed, that he doesn’t mind. Cassidy recalls how growing up in Ireland, his parents would have their “special time” while he wasn’t too far from them, hearing all the noises and sounds. Flash forward to a scene towards the end, where Cassidy is oblivious to the sounds coming from the room over, watching TV, and just relaxing in bed.

Combining the incredible allure of Ruth Negga as Tulip, the irreverent and colorful humor of Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, and the stoic yet determined wounded soul of Dominic Cooper as Jesse, this series has some of the biggest names in the industry, and they all work seamless together. The series kicks off strong, and finishes just the same, dropping jaws and checking the schedule to make sure I’m not doing anything next Sunday night. I’m excited to see all these familiar faces back on TV, and ready to get into some mayhem and destruction all the while looking for God.

Catch the new episode of AMC’s Preacher this Monday night at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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