E3 2017: Bionik Gaming’s Switch accessories are great on the go

Bionik Gaming
A lot of people’s focus during E3 is on video games. However, there are also various companies showcase upcoming peripherals and concepts. After spending some time playing Super Mario Odyssey on the show floor, I made my way over to the Bionik Gaming booth which had a few items for various systems including the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo offers various ways to charge the Joy-Con controllers. But it usually involves docking the controllers to either the system or an external charging device such as a charging dock. Plus, it’s limited to only two controllers for charging. With Bionik’s Tetra Power Quad port charging dock (see pic above), it can charge up to four controllers at once. The device plugs into any USB-powered device including the Nintendo Switch dock.

The design is also a nice change of pace compared to other competitors that try to cluster the Joy-Cons together. Those tend to make it a little more difficult to remove after charging.

Bionik’s Power Plate Duo

On the topic of usefulness, Bionik also showed off its Power Plate Duo. Serving as an external battery for all things Nintendo Switch, the device allows the Joy-Con Controllers to be docked while charging during play. Not only that, it can also connect to the Nintendo Switch using the included USB Type-C adapter. With that, it gives the Switch a charge while users are on the go or out playing with friends without needing to find a power outlet.

The Power Plate Duo features a 4500mAh backup battery. And you can fully charge your Nintendo Switch or both Joy-Con Controllers up to three times. It’s a bit bulky, and my only issue is that it just hangs there while in use. It’s not really that much bigger than the console’s tablet, so attaching a magnet or bracket would make it really easy to carry around during gaming sessions.

If you feel more comfortable about connecting your devices online via an ethernet cable, you might want to look into Bionik’s Giganet adapter. It’s a high-speed USB Ethernet adapter which plugs directly into the Nintendo Switch dock. The design includes a grill pattern design, so it doesn’t block the Switch’s air vents.

While any standard headset or earbuds work with your PlayStation VR, Bionik Gaming has a simpler alternative with the Mantis headphones. These headphones clip onto the VR headset and rest on your ears. It still delivers great sound quality but without the extra weight or discomfort you may have with traditional headphones or earbuds.

It’s great to see more companies offering support and accessories for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation VR. With more exciting games coming later this year, having a few items to keep the fun going is important.

You can learn more about Bionik Gaming’s lineup at BionikGaming.com.

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