Evil Shift controller is everything you never knew you needed

Evil Shift controller
Meet the Evil Shift controller.

This is different. These aren’t plastic cheapie value replacement controllers. And don’t you dare mix up all third-party controllers into one mush pile. Once you’ve drunk the waters of Evil Controllers, you’ll never want to go back to your standard Dualshock 4. If you ever watched a YouTube video of that dominant Battlefield console player, I’m telling you this is how they did it.

Nerd Reactor was invited to check out Evil Controllers at E3, and well, our jaws dropped. I am not an eSports Pro or even an eSports enthusiast. I am just Joe Schmo from around the block, but you know what, I still want that competitive edge. These Evil Controllers will make an eSports Pro and Joe Schmo happy. The look and feel are exactly the same as a Dualshock 4 because well, it is a Dualshock 4 underneath. Evil Controllers is a company that’s been answering these prayers for the last 10 years.

Evil Shift controller

Programmable Rear Buttons

The most notable and obvious mod on these controllers are the additions of 4 programmable on-the-fly paddles on the back. Evil Controllers implements these a whole lot more different than other controller mod companies. These are direct press multi-directional buttons which can be pressed from any angle. Other modders typically use hinged buttons which you would never think would add 0.1 seconds to your button press, but guess what… maybe you were 0.1 seconds away from being the first to pull that trigger.

Evil Shift controller

Customizable Thumb Extenders

Another bread and butter mod and a must for the FPS player are thumb extenders. Lining up headshots is already a tricky process, but the Evil Shift controller thumb extenders will give your thumbs an accuracy boost. Evil Shifts will come with 3 customizable sizes that you can pull off on-the-fly. A number of our Nerd Reactor members consider this feature one of the most important.

Other features such as hairpin triggers, programmability, user profiles and more, add to the mix that is Evil Controller’s latest product Evil Shift. Evil Controllers is a company bred from the mind of a 19-year-old that just wanted that extra edge over competing Xbox Halo 2 players. While the intended audience of Evil Controllers elite products is the pro circuit, after what we experienced, the average consumer would benefit greatly as well. These controllers will be available starting late Summer 2017.

Check out their website here.

And one more thing to mention for Xbox One players, Evil Controllers got you guys too:

Evil Shift controller

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