Command historical armies in strategy game Total War: ARENA

Total War: ARENA
Total War is a strategy video game series with its own spinoff games. One of them is the upcoming Total War: ARENA, a free-to-play, team-based strategy game. In the game, players can control history’s greatest commanders and their armies in 10v10 battles. During E3 2017, Wargaming released a new trailer featuring Boudica, the queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe. Terrible things were done to her, her daughters and her people. As a result, she led an uprising against the Roman Empire. Check out the teaser trailer below.

The game features three factions: Roman, Greek, and Barbarian. It also highlights popular commanders including King Leonidas, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Scipio Africanus. Each commander has unique abilities that are specific to them. For example, Alexander will have abilities that he has actually used in battle.

The faction’s tech tree will allow players to manage their units. And these will be unique for each faction. For example, the Romans have two starting points for melee unit and range unit. If you go further down, players will get to use the Calvary, which will allow them to travel across the battlefield quickly. For Range, there is artillery, catapult, ballista, scorpios, etc. Commanders will have certain strengths with units, but with Total War: ARENA, players can mix and match to their liking.

The mission is pretty simple. Either wipe out all your enemies or capture the base. If players have the catapult, the high ground would be a great idea. However, they must assemble them so keep that in mind.

If players have three weak units or ranged units like archers or spears, going up directly against a heavy unit is a bad idea. There are some ways around that. If they use the morale system effectively, their weak units can flank the heavy units from all sides and drop their morale to zero, causing them to flee. (The white meter represents the morale and the health bar is at the bottom.) Morale is more important than health since it dictates the state of the unit. If the unit’s morale is down yet they have a high health bar, they’re pretty much useless. Players can control where they go, but they won’t be able to fight.

Another tip is to keep the commander alive as long as possible. If they die, their main ability will go down with them. So if their health is low, try to pull them back from battle.

A new war unit for the game was announced recently, and they are the war dogs. They can attack support units and rip them to shreds.

The battles can get really hectic, especially since players are controlling a few units. Now add 9 other players to your team with their own units, and it’s an all-out war against 10 opposing players.

Total War: ARENA is currently under Closed Alpha and will soon launch in Closed Beta.

Creative Assembly is developing the game with Wargaming Alliance as the publisher.

You can check out our E3 2017 coverage here.

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