ThinkGeek Capsule Box #1 review – ‘What’s in the box?!’

ThinkGeek Capsule
As one of the largest geek stores for all your fandom needs, ThinkGeek has decided to join in on the monthly subscription boxes with one of their own called ThinkGeek Capsule.

We were sent the first capsule to unbox and review. So, here it is:

We first open the box and come across the Capsule introduction insert, which contains the list of items inside the box. This is for people who just want to know what’s inside the box already.

After putting the initial insert aside, we end up finding a SECOND insert! This bonus card shows us a special gift we could potentially have in the box. Nice!

So our first pull out of the box is a choice of playing cards between a few ’80s shows and Supernatural. After some digging, we found a set Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary playing cards! I love the Ghostbusters, so I was pleasantly surprised. If I had gotten the other ones, I’d have been okay with those too.

Next, I saw an exclusive and limited edition Timmy the ThinkGeek Monkey enamel pin. I am very used to getting the stickers of Timmy’s face with every order from ThinkGeek, so I recognized this pin instantly. It’s fairly large – a little bigger in size than that of a quarter – with a high-quality finish.

As a pin lover, I did appreciate getting this pin AND a new fantasy pin! ThinkGeek sent two limited edition pins in this box. In their collectible Pinz series, they offered four possible options for pins. Wave 2 and 3 will be in Capsules 2 and 3, respectively. In this box, the pin I received is the potion pin. Similar to the previous pin, these pins are a good size and great quality.

The first piece of clothing I pulled out from the box were Hogwarts Alumni crew socks! As a huge Potthead, I was pretty excited to get these socks. #TeamHufflepuff

The next thing I pulled out was, ironically, a box that contains something with unicorns. It was the Magical Mixing Pony Pint: an aluminum cup for your magical drinks! These incredible cups come in an assortment of colors (rainbow, duh.) I happened to get red, which looks mighty fantastic with a unicorn on it.

Next up, the t-shirt! Every ThinkGeek Capsule will come with an awesome T-shirt. This month, it was all about Link from Zelda. When you order your capsule, the site will ask the style and size of the shirt you would like. The shirt I received looks beautiful and made with a high-quality fabric, which is what I look for in these shirts.

I noticed a big box in the capsule and thought I’d open that last because the box, itself, looked awesome. I knew right away it was from Fallout 4. Inside the box, it was the Power Armor Helmet bank – to save up money in case of an impending apocalypse.

Just when I thought I was done… There was one more thing that was hidden in the box under the Fallout 4 bank. It’s a gift card for The amount is unknown until you claim the code.

This could only be used at the ThinkGeek store. It does not work for future ThinkGeek Capsules, but it has tons of awesome products. So, needless to say, the gift card will definitely be used. If ThinkGeek provides gift cards in every box, this may be even more worth buying.

ThinkGeek Capsule is available NOW on The items in each ThinkGeek monthly capsule is worth $50+. For one capsule, it will be $24.99 (+$5 S&H), but if you commit to all three capsules, you will get a free bonus pack (valued at $20).

For this month, ThinkGeek is also offering a chance to win 1 of 5 Nintendo Switch consoles. If you bought this box, you’re automatically entered to win. They are also offering a chance to enter on their site as well – to increase your odds.

To order your own ThinkGeek Capsule, click here. Hurry up before this box ends!

Please note: ThinkGeek gift cards cannot be used to purchase ThinkGeek Capsules. The video says it could work for ThinkGeek Capsule, but it does not. 

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