E3 2017: Explore and survive in Seeking Dawn (VR)

Seeking Dawn
Multiverse Inc’s Seeking Dawn is “a large scale, survival FPS VR game. Players are thrust into an alien landscape, full of deadly creatures and unknown dangers, as you try to reclaim a crater outpost taken over by a corrupt a government entity.”

I had the chance to check out Seeking Dawn demo during E3 2017. The game’s world did appear to have a nice depth to it. But there were definitely some big issues while exploring with my teammate. The paths to progress through the level were often counter-intuitive, such as a field of fire that wouldn’t harm us due to our suits. It’s a detail we were expected to know without any prior hints.

Certain enemies would actually respawn instantly upon death. But this was mostly limited to a group of worm-type enemies that were locked in place. Ao after the first group, I ended up just staying out of range and ignoring them which was a challenge on its own. Enemies drop materials upon death, and you can use them for the game’s crafting system. However, this feature wasn’t accessible during our demo time.

Accessible weapons in the build were basic assault rifles and an energy shield. The latter is mounted on our left arm and can be dropped as temporary cover. The game features co-op with a friend. However, players are susceptible to friendly fire. While it is minimal, it can definitely turn a bad situation worse if players aren’t careful. The lackluster weapon effects and overly sensitive movement during the demo prevented my immersion into the VR world.

Seeking Dawn Can Still Improve

Sometimes when you experience a new VR game, your eyes will light with the magic of pure unfiltered joy. However, at this moment for Seeking Dawn, this just isn’t the case. I wanted to enjoy this open world FPS game, but every minute felt longer than the previous. I’m hopeful that the demo I experienced isn’t anywhere near the final version. This is feasible since no release date has been set. Their ambition to do so much within their world is definitely commendable, and hopefully, it will see many rounds of QA before making its debut. Otherwise, its shortcomings will surely be its own downfall.

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