Moss, the PlayStation VR adventure game, will give you the ‘feels’

During PlayStation’s press conference at E3 2017, the trailer for Moss was released. It’s a virtual-reality action-adventure puzzle game created by Polyarc Games and stars an adorable sword-wielding mouse named Quill. The mouse caused an audible ‘aww’ from several people in the audience, including myself. I knew I had to play this game.

Nerd Reactor got to test out the demo during E3. After adjusting the VR set and given the basic instructions, Moss begins in a library. And inside we must look through an ancient book. As we turn the pages, we are transported to a fantasy world where we are introduced to the mouse warrior, Quill.

In this adorable third-person VR game, you are a spirit, in the form of a glowing orb. Only Quill can see you as you help guide her through the many obstacles she faces. As the blue orb, you are able to manipulate the environment by moving and dragging things to certain places to solve puzzles. As the spirit orb, you have the ability to also pet Quill, which is even more adorable than it sounds. Using the analog stick, you control Quill on where she goes and who she battles using a single button.

That blue guy… that’s YOU.

As we are walking through the forest, we come across puzzles where I must move certain things around in order to get doors or pathways to open. For example, I had to move a statue into another place in order for the doors to open for Quill to enter the fortress. The clues are not obvious until you attempt to move them, in which you see a blue glimmer of light when you attempt to do so.

Throughout the adventure, Quill will battle some robotic beetles and you control how she fights. I used the dodge function often as sometimes there are multiple beetles attempting to strike her. Although all the mechanical beetles are the enemies, some could be used to your advantage. During another task, which consisted of using pressure pads to unlock and open pathways, I dragged a mechanical beetle (there are only certain beetles you can control) on the pad to allow Quill entrance into her next task.

If you are confused during a puzzle, Quill provides some hints to what you should be doing. After opening some pathways, Quill motioned for me to move an item necessary for her advancement.

The great thing about the game is that you can move your head towards her and see your adorable mouse friend. There were moments I had trouble having Quill jump over some bricks. So I had to move closer to her to make sure I’m having her jump at the right moment. Plus, she’s just so cute to look at.

Final Reaction

The demo concluded with Quill entering a dark room where a giant snake appears before cutting out to the end card. I have to admit, I screamed for my little poor mouse friend as I saw the slithering of the snake. During the 15 minutes of the demo, I’ve created a bond with Quill and wanted to continue my adventure with her. The game is incredibly engaging. I felt like I was in this world with my little pet friend on an adventure and it was fun.

The visuals and sounds to the game were stunning. As Quill walked about, you could hear the patter of her tiny feet moving across the ground. The beetles mechanically crinkling sounded so real as well as the sharp hits from Quill’s blade striking their metal surfaces. As for the art design, even Quill’s movements were similar to that of a field mouse. As someone who has had pet mice, Quill brought back the nostalgia of these beloved pets.

Moss is set to release this holiday 2017 exclusively on PlayStation VR.

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