E3 2017: Sprint Vector and Raw Data capture the floor with excitement

Sprint Vector
The attendees at E3 were full of excitement, and many were cheering each day at the Survios booth. Onlookers often stopped and watched out of sheer intrigue at Survios’ adrenaline pumped locomotion racing VR game, Sprint Vector. If you missed our initial coverage at GDC, you can check it out here. New updates have been added to the game since my last sessions back in March. And I was eager to see what the team at Survios had cooked up. Headlining the new additions to Sprint Vector were items that are picked up in Mario Kart fashion.

At the time of E3, only 2 items were included. A nitro gave the player a chance to move at maximum speed for a few seconds. Simply press a trigger button, so there’s no need for pumping your arms to run. And the secondary item, which became the bane of my existence, was the slow field. The slow field fires a giant dome of inertia, slowing materials and killing all momentum of the opponent. Getting caught in this bubble will prevent the player from accelerating fast enough to reach certain shortcuts. Of course, it’s a necessity when going for the best time in the foot race. Along with the items, the team also added a blaster attack to the characters. This is harmless to other players but does allow them to break smaller obstacles in their way.

The only course shown was the same one at previous events, which is best since a majority of people at E3 would be playing it for the first time ever. Speaking with the team at Survios, we learned that a few upcoming features to look forward to like 8 player races and more items, courses, and characters. The characters will have their own distinct personality while racing.

Sprint Vector is one of my personal favorite VR games. Thanks to its competitive nature, unique mechanics, and it’s polished gameplay, it always seems to have me wanting to come back for more.

*Sprint Vector is scheduled for an arcade release Summer 2017 with a full retail launch in Q4 of 2017 as well. It will be available on HTC Vive and Oculus Touch with additional platform support coming soon after.

Raw Data

Raw Data was shown off on the other side of Survios’ booth. And while there was less cheering, there was certainly no lack of excitement from those waiting in line to play the robot-killing VR action combat game. The demo they showed off at E3 seemed to be less difficult and complicated than shown previously at GDC. But this was most likely to prevent overwhelming attendees during their first foray into VR. Although the demo was shorter and simpler for a veteran of VR, it was obvious (and not in a bad way) that others were experiencing the magic of VR for the first time.

The demo shown on the showroom floor was simplified. However, behind closed doors, they were showing off a new level called the Botanical Gardens. It features some fun effects that simulate hallucination. The studio also talked about its newest character who uses a bow to tear down the opposition with charge shots and other cool unique abilities. In addition, it’s also adding PvP for up to 5 on 5 in Eden vs. Syndik8. While there are a lot of action combat games in the VR marketplace, very few are as polished, fun, and full of variety like Raw Data.

*Raw Data is currently in Steam/Oculus Home Early access and is scheduled for a full release September 2017 on HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. It will available for PSVR at a later date.

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