Pitch Perfect 3 teaser trailer released

Pitch Perfect came out of nowhere in 2012 to become one of the highest-grossing music comedies ever, and launching star, Anna Kendrick, (always a welcome supporting character in numerous films) into the next level of stardom. So it was inevitable that a sequel (and another sequel) were bound to follow. And now, we get our first look at the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3 (scheduled for December 2017). However, unlike traditional teaser trailers, this one is over two minutes long, and light on actual movie footage. Instead, it gives us nearly two minutes of behind the scenes video and photos, told via very millennial-appropriate Instagram and Snapchat filters as well as short interview clips with some of the main cast and director Trish Sie.

So, what details could we glean from this teaser trailer? It looks like all of the main characters will be returning including Kendrick, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow. Hailee Steinfeld will also be reprising her role from Pitch Perfect 2 as the Bellas’ latest recruit. Glee commentators and welcome comic relief, John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks, will also be returning for a third tour of duty. DJ Khaled will also appear in the film along with John Lithgow. Ruby Rose will serve as a newcomer to the series, but her role has yet to be revealed.  We also get some clues that the Bellas are out of college and on some sort of world tour, which would make sense, unless Kendrick’s character is now a super, super senior.

Although the trailer reveals minimal plot details, the return of all of the principal Bellas is a welcome sight, as well as the clear signs that the cast had a great time shooting this film. It may not have the hype of The Last Knight or The Last Jedi, but Pitch Perfect 3 is a sequel that has its smaller, but still, fanatical fanbase excited for its December release.

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