American Gods finale episode 8 ‘Come to Jesus’ (recap)

American Gods finaleEpisode 8 ‘Come to Jesus’ is the finale episode of the first season of American Gods. What would typically seem like a show falling short in length, this is episode is the perfect resting place and chance to look back on the wild ride these last two months. So much utter weirdness to process, it has also been refreshing to see a story laden in fantasy get its chance to be told among such a talented cast and to be taken seriously.

This week returns to the core of American Gods’ plot following Shadow and Mr. Wednesday. They have another god to persuade to join their cause and to make the best impression, visit Mr. Nancy who hooks them up with brand new suits made of his spiders’ silk. During their visit, Mr. Nancy shares the origin tale of Mesopotamian queen and goddess Bilquis, aka the one with the man eating vagina from earlier in the season. Bilquis was a powerful goddess throughout history until men came to oppress women. First as an example in the ’70s and again in modern times as the Islamic extremists tore down her temple which stood for thousands of years because it threatened their male dominance. Now homeless and vulnerable, Bilquis is recruited by the new gods and given a new chance to reign again using social media to find new worshippers.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday make it to Kentucky on Easter Sunday to visit Easter herself (played by Kristin Chenoweth) as she celebrates at her home with every iteration of Jesus Christ in attendance. Also arriving on the same day are Mad Sweeney and Laura Moon in hopes of bringing Laura back to life. Both parties are unaware of each others presence for the time being. Laura and Easter meet, however she is unable to bring Laura back from the dead. She reveals that because Laura was killed by a god, Mr. Wednesday, Easter is unable to touch that kind of resurrection. It now seems that Shadow and Mr. Wednesday’s meeting was not random and this was all set up to get Shadow to join his cause.

American Gods’ Easter

Things intensify at the party when the new gods Media and Technical Boy show up to call Easter to their side in the war. Mr. Wednesday reminds her of her real name Ostara and her true purpose as the goddess of spring, not the Christian afterthought of eggs, bunnies, and the candy conglomerate. In a bolt of lightening killing Media’s faceless men, Mr. Wednesday offers them to Ostara. Shadow demands to know more about what is going on from Mr. Wednesday when he finally reveals himself to Shadow.

In a thunderous proclamation, Mr. Wednesday is Odin, the all-father among other names. Shadow finally believes in everything he has seen. Odin calls upon Ostara to show her true self and she takes back Spring. Instantly all of the flowers, grass and trees die for miles around. As stated earlier, gods sometimes need to take things away to make people remember to keep worshipping. Mr. World also shows up to officially declare war against the old gods where they will meet possibly next season in Wisconsin.

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