VR sports game, Sparc, launching first to PlayStation VR this year

CCG Games Sparc
CCP Games has been working on a new VR sports game outside of the EVE universe called Sparc. Now it has announced during E3 that the game will be launching exclusively for the PlayStation VR in 2017. Before you even start, yes, the game is still be coming out for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. (Fans can learn more about the other platforms’ release later this year.)

As for the PlayStation VR, it will be available to purchase on the PlayStation Store in Q3 2017.

Sparc transports players into a Tron-like world where they will compete against another player as they throw, dodge, block or deflect projectiles. It will require some exercise, so get ready to sweat. I was able to play the game during GDC 2017 and EVE Fanfest, and it’s definitely one of the most intense and hectic VR games out there. You can check out our hands-on impressions here.

Check out the PSVR gameplay trailer below.

The name of the game is skill, and like a real sport, you’ll need to outwit and outmaneuver your opponent. By using the PlayStation Move motion controllers, the players will use their hands and arms to throw projectiles to hit their opponent. In the meantime, they will also have to dodge, block or deflect incoming projectiles. Each player gets their own projectile with its own designated color. However, both projectiles can be used against the player. If you are a fan of Tron, it really is the closest feeling to being inside that world.

Players will have the opportunity to go up against friends or random opponents via online matchmaking. And they can spectate as they wait for the next match thanks to Courtside.

CCP Games is an independent game developer from Iceland that has worked on the popular MMO sci-fi game EVE Online (PC/Mac) and EVE: Valkyrie (PS4/PC), a first-person spaceship VR shooter.

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