Dragon Ball Super: Frieza reveals true colors

With many Dragon Ball Super rumors floating around regarding Frieza and the upcoming Tournament of Power, he’s revealed his true colors. He and Goku unwillingly teamed up against the team of assassins meant for the former. Their partnership was short-lived as Frieza went on a rampage killing each assailant. Goku demanded that he not kill anyone, but Frieza brought up a good point. Does it matter how they die whether it’s by his hands or after their universe is erased?

Eventually, the leader of the assassins returned with power from the gods. Universe 9 God of Destruction Sidra gave him some Energy of Destruction, the same power Beerus used to kill Zamasu. Frieza was caught off guard after a few attempts and appeared to be succumbed by it. He bluffed and showed his true power and gained complete control over it.

Goku seemed surprised by it, to the point of mistakenly turning his back on Frieza where he unleashed that power on him. The rumors detailed that Universe 4 God of Destruction Quitela would somehow lure Frieza into his team. Instead, Frieza directly contacted the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of Universe 9 and offered to join their team. Using Goku as a hostage and Universe 7 being down 2 members, he provides an easy defeat for Universe 7 and an escape for him at the same time. Before they can accept his offer, Beerus and Whis arrive.

Frieza Is Still a Villain

Having betrayed Goku and attempted to join another team, Goku still defends Frieza knowing he needs them for their team. But we are finally given the villain of the Universe Survival Arc. Frieza is beyond redemption at this point. His hatred toward Goku pushes him to betray his entire universe to ensure he kills him. It’s difficult to see if he can fully be trusted, but seeing as he’ll enter as Universe Team 7, he has no choice at this point but to participate for them. But that won’t stop him from being a villain. He saw how Beerus reacted to his attempt to negotiate with another Universe. Now he sees an opportunity to manipulate the gods during the tournament.

At this point, it’s anybody’s guess. But a rule in the tournament may have given us a clue. When Frieza bartered to join Universe 9, they saw no rule against it. It can be argued that the intention was to have the best from each Universe compete against each other, so switching teams would not be allowed. But now that Frieza knows this, it’s possible he can use this to his advantage and possibly switch teams to tip the balance of power during the match. It would be for his own intentions and with his hatred for Goku, he may make the Tournament of Power more difficult for Universe 7.

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