E3 2017: Everybody’s Golf retains the old Hot Shots Golf charm

Fans of the long-running Hot Shots Golf series in North America should transition to Everybody’s Golf quite well. Basically, Everybody’s Golf is Hot Shots Golf under a different banner. Instead of using two names for separate regions, Sony decided to turn Everybody’s Golf into a worldwide title when it releases in August for the PlayStation 4.

Sony offered a 6-hole demo of Everybody’s Golf inside their booth at this year’s E3.

A short preview was also uploaded on YouTube earlier this week.

Once again, the 3-click mechanic is used. Players line up a shot and start the backswing by pressing X button. The bottom shot meter moves left to indicate the swing is progressing upwards. The X is pressed again at the top (or short of it depending on distance), and then a third time as the meter heads down.

The 3-click system makes no use of the controller’s two analog sticks. But it still works well today, from playing the game on the floor. For variation, players can work a fade or draw by holding left or right on the directional pad. Plus, the power shot function remains. The square button just needs to be pressed before starting the shot to add a little distance.

As for the graphics, they look as good and realistic as anyone can imagine this series could look on the PS4.

Yet, the atmosphere remains colorful as well. The golfers and caddies appear cute and make silly poses. When working the fade or draw, the ball sparks at the apex of its flight. Little touches keep the series’ cartoonish feel.

Everybody’s Golf is not a game that will ever appear too serious, but the course details do look great. In addition, the ball makes realistic movements through the air and once it hits the ground. The developers know their golf.

Only one character was available for the floor demo. But, various other characters appeared throughout the course and played concurrently. This occurrence means players can view other golfers online while playing.

From watching the above YouTube video, the final game will also offer other activities besides golf including … fishing? Yes, fishing is now a part of Everybody’s Golf. Perhaps more importantly, character customization is a big deal now too.

Regardless of any upcoming extra bells and whistles, playing Everybody’s Golf felt like the old Hot Shots Golf with the 3-click system. On the YouTube video, franchise producer Yasuhide Kobayashi apologized for the name change.

“So if anyone already has a Hot Shots Golf tattoo somewhere on their body, I’m sorry, but you will need to change it to a new Everybody’s Golf tattoo,” Kobayashi explained.

Apology accepted. Everybody’s Golf looks like a solid franchise entry at this point.

Also, for the record, I shot 3 under in the floor demo.

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