“Steven Universe: Save The Light’ takes the best elements from the series

For the past four years, Steven Universe has graced our television screen on Cartoon Network. Steven Universe has been hailed as one of the most important and influential shows on television with its openness in sexuality and death. Now, with Grumpyface Studios, Steven Universe will expand even more with their own video game on PlayStation and Xbox, Steven Universe: Save the Light.

Grumpyface Studios released the mobile game Steven Universe: Attack the Light in 2015 with rave reviews from fans and critics. Now, Grumpyface, Cartoon Network and Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar have come together to create a sequel, and the studio’s first full-fledged console release.

Nerd Reactor got to play the demo this week at E3.

In Save the Light, Steven and his friends are on a quest to rescue the ancient light weapon from the first game. Along with his friends, the Crystal Gems – alien warriors Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl – Connie and Steven’s dad, Greg, they use their skills to fight the evil villains and solve puzzles. Each character provides their own special ability: Connie uses her sword to fight; Greg has his guitar to amplify his abilities and can be used for problem solving; and, the Gems each have their own magical powers of defense. Steven serves as support for his friends with capabilities in healing, protecting, and defending. The game uses strategy in fighting the monsters, which you can name with its own title card.

Timing and strengthening relationships are everything in this game. When being attacked or fighting as a character, you must wait patiently for the star to appear, before pressing the button. This could affect your defense or attack.

Relationships play a huge role on the television series, so the developers wanted it to play a big part in the game. Relationships between characters can grow as characters give each other kudos, defend each other, or even execute a perfect combo in defense and attack. When the relationship builds, it could unlock new abilities. For example, Steven and Connie can gain the ability to fuse into Stevonnie, who I used heavily to fight against the big monsters.

Fans of the series will appreciate the effort the developers placed in bringing Sugar’s characters to life in the gaming world. There are many cameos of characters, and each of their personalities are present. That said, the game is fun but requires some patience, which could be a struggle for some who prefer a fast pace game.

Save the Light will consist of 10-12 hours of game time, according to the team at Grumpyface Studios. They are currently working on several gameplays and working closely with Sugar to keep it authentic to the series. So far, so good.

Steven Universe: Save the Light releases this fall for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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