E3 2017: Xbox One X name draws mixed reactions, concerns

Before E3 2017, Microsoft used the Project Scorpio name to describe their upcoming Xbox One S successor. The name Project Scorpio immediately sounded cool, no matter the specifications of the console itself.

But, as with all console codenames, Microsoft chose to replace the Project Scorpio title. Instead, the company revealed Xbox One X as the official name for Project Scorpio. Microsoft simply added an extra “X” at the end, while keeping the “Xbox One” part intact. The move is similar to how Nintendo titled the Wii successor the Wii U by just adding the “U.”

The Wii U ended up a resounding failure by most measures. Part of the problem came from the lack of third-party support, but casual shoppers also became confused between the Wii and Wii U.

Can the same problem plague the Xbox One X?

YouTube streamer Drift0r posted his concern about parents purchasing the wrong console.

If Microsoft used a different letter than “X,” perhaps it would do more to differentiate the two console names. The problem is, “S” and “X” sound somewhat close in comparison to other letters in the alphabet.

Fellow YouTube streamer WEEGEE THE GOD shared his disappointment by comparing it to the Wii U.

Harsh. But a lot of people reading will agree with his statement.

No matter the name though, the techincal specifications are incredible right? While poking fun at the name, streamer Joshua Wittenkeller reminded everyone the new console will still offer powerful graphics.

Yet another Twitter user wrote how the Xbox One X reminded him of the classic Capcom title Mega Man X. In titles, apparently X is a popular letter to use. A picture of the iconic robot hero was posted with his head replaced by an Xbox.

To point out one good aspect of the Xbox One X name, it does remind people of its backwards compatibility with all Xbox One titles. Plus, even though they might become confused, how many parents are really going to purchase a $500 console for their children anyway? Then again, a console cannot take off unless it can attract a wider audience.

Memories of the powerful and expensive, but failed, 3DO come to mind.

The Xbox One X will attempt to prove doubters wrong, when it launches for Microsoft on Nov. 7.

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