Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back could find success in the revival era

What could possibly go wrong? Bubsy, the failed video game mascot from the 1990s, is returning to the scene in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. Black Forest Games is developing the anticipated release and Accolade will publish.

The series started out as the cute platformer Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind during the 16-bit era. While not the best game, it had its moments. Mario and Sonic dominated the 1990s, so Bubsy had tough standards to follow.

As seen from the video above, the Claws Encounters at least offered a nice, upbeat soundtrack. Plus, the graphics looked as charming as any 16-bit platformer during the day. Before each level, he even talks to keep things interesting.

What went wrong?

This writer only rented Bubsy back in the day, but the awkward controls were one of its biggest problems. Just from watching the video, it seems difficult to jump around and glide properly without becoming slightly frustrated. But the game felt playable overall. For a kid, it is easier to find most games playable out of sheer boredom.

After three sequels, including a universally panned attempt at 3D platforming in Bubsy 3D for the Sony PlayStation, most gamers figured the failed mascot would disappear from the video game world. Everyone made fun of him.

Well, Accolade is betting differently and released a trailer last week for The Woolies Strike Back.

If nothing else, the music remains catchy. Plus, the developers are keeping it simple and not trying for another 3D platformer. The series is returning to its 2D roots.

While the video is short, the graphics appear sharp too and filled with background detail. It seems to match the current era perfectly. Bubsy still talks a ton as well, and he should make players laugh along again.

Is it crazy to think the game could succeed once it releases?

Check out the articles this sequel is generating through a simple Google search for “Bubsy.” The media is giving this game attention, and not all of the comments underneath the articles are negative.

But most importantly, this is a time period where franchises from the 1990s are revived and catch fire because of nostalgia. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back can sell decently on PlayStation 4 and Steam through sheer curiosity alone.

Reviving the series is a bold move for Accolade. If the move pays off, more Bubsy sequels will come and the series will keep going forever. If the game flops, well, no one expected the odd anthropomorphic bobcat to find success today anyway.

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