Going to E3? Here’s a last minute checklist to help you prepare

So, you’re going to E3?

This epic three-day gaming fest is something that you must be prepared for. Sure, you do have three days, but things will be completely nuts during those three days. There are people just like you who want to try and touch everything. If this is your first time, you must be prepared to survive.

Here are some last minute tips to those who may need it.

  1. Get there early. There will be lines. Yes, even during registration. You need to get your registration and then wait in another line to enter the expo hall.
  2. Plan early. There are TWO halls to enjoy. Be sure to download the official E3 app and determine which hall you’d like to work on first before going to the other. South Hall usually has the big named publishers and West Hall usually has the hardware people. Remember, Bethestha and Ubisoft are in South Hall. Sony and Nintendo are in the West Hall. To save time, do one hall for each day. 
  3. Carry water bottles and snacks/food. Again, I must remind you, you will be waiting in lines and it may be for a few hours. Always have water and food to keep you going. Maybe even vitamins (Vitamin B) to help with your energy.
  4. Bring an external battery pack and your charger. Heck, bring three. Trust me, you will need it as the reception in the halls will suck up the power from your phone. Plus, if you’re using the app heavily, then you’ll need the juice to keep going.
  5. Hand sanitizer is important. You’ll be touching controllers that others have touched. It can become pretty gross. Don’t get the con-flu!
  6. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet the whole time. Be smart about your feet. 
  7. Hygiene is important. It’s going to be hot inside at times. It will also be hot outside. Please take care of your hygiene before you go to E3. Everyone will thank you.
  8. Make friends with the people in line. If you need to do a pee break, you have people who will have your back when you return. There will be people who will complain (rightfully so) about line-cutters. So, be sure to make your presence known before leaving for a potty or food break.
  9. Bring your portable gaming device, book, the free E3 magazine to kill time. I’m just saying. You’ll be in line for awhile. The free magazine is available when you enter the expo.
  10. Be sure to visit the Indie game booths. IndieCade and other smaller companies will have little to no line and their games are pretty fun. Also, some may have cool swag to give to draw in more crowds.
  11. Remember that there is stuff outside of the convention center. There are several booths available outside for everyone to enjoy.
  12. Don’t forget about the E3 Coliseum presentations happening.  So many awesome panels going on. Be sure to check them out.

There you have it. It should be easy. GLHF.

Update: Folding chairs have been removed from the list as the rules of E3 has changed to no longer allow them. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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