10 films to look forward to at LA Film Festival 2017

LA Film Festival 2017

The LA Film Festival runs from June 14-22.

For film connoisseurs, film festivals are a chance to take in some of the best that the indie scene has to offer. Yet for casual moviegoers, it’s difficult to figure out what movie to take in. It’s certainly confusing since there aren’t a lot of franchise films that premiere during some of these festivals. This year’s LA Film Festival has something for everyone, so here are 10 films that I’m looking forward to. Of course, it’s my hope that this list can help you decide on what film to watch at this year’s festival.

What We Started (6/15, 5:30 PM)
It’s funny how a film about the history of EDM is screening the day before this year’s EDC. Bert Marcus and Cyrus Saidi’s film is said to an informative and ”absorbing exploration of the history of EDM.” Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but I can’t wait to learn about the musical genre that I love. Not to mention, EDM’s biggest superstars like Martin Garrix, Tiësto, and Carl Cox share some of their insight into the EDM movement.

Bill Nye: Science Guy (6/15, 6:45 PM)
It’s Bill Nye the Science Guy! This film explores Nye’s journey to defend science from some of its biggest detractors. In addition, this seems like a perfect complementary piece to Paramount’s upcoming An Inconvenient Sequel. This is a must watch not only for science fans but for society in general.

Humor Me (6/16, 6:40 PM)
I’m a sucker for father and son movies and a big fan of Jermaine Clement. This particular film just happens to star Jermaine Clement in a father and son film. Furthermore, the film is written and directed by Sam Hoffman. You may know him from his popular site “Old Jews Tell Jokes.” Eventually, that site went off to become an off-Broadway play, a bestselling book, and a lecture series. In other words, this has the chance to be one of those hilarious and heartfelt films.

LA Film Festival 2017: My Friend Dahmer - Ross Lynch

My Friend Dahmer (6/18, 6:00 PM)
Based on the John Backderf’s graphic novel, My Friend Dahmer tells the story of Jeffrey Dahmer in high school. Now, what makes this film so interesting is seeing how Marc Meyers’ dramatizes Dahmer’s sickness before all of the murders happened. Especially since this film is adapting the true-life accounts of Backderf’s experience with Dahmer in high school. The film could be really creepy but it’s too intriguing not to miss.

Sun Dogs (6/18, 8:10 PM)
If you read the synopsis for Sun Dogs, you can’t help but think of Captain America’s origin story. A less-than-able kid who wants nothing more than to join the military to help people. That’s what initially caught my eye when I was looking through LA Film Festival’s lineup. Not to mention, the film stars a couple of people that you may have heard of in the world of television. The film stars Michael Angarano (“The Knick”), Melissa Benoist (“Supergirl”), Ed O’Neill (“Modern Family”), Allison Janney (“Mom”), and Xzibit (“Pimp My Ride”).

In This Corner of the World (6/20, 6:20 PM)
As a medium, anime has never been afraid of tackling some sensitive subjects. In This Corner of the World looks to tackle the events of living in Hiroshima during World War II. As you can tell, this film deals with some heavy subject matter. That being said, the film has won several film festivals in Japan. In addition, director Sunao Katabuchi began his career working closely with Hayao Miyazaki. So I’m expecting the film to be visually beautiful as it pulls on the heart strings.

Story of a Girl (6/20, 9:15 PM)
I can’t help but think of Netflix’s breakout “13 Reasons Why” as I read the synopsis for Story of a Girl. The film doesn’t deal with suicide and depression but it does deal with the ramifications of being labeled the “school slut” in high school. It’s intriguing to see what the other less depressing side of this story entails. Not to mention, it stars Kevin Bacon and is directed by Kyra Sedgewick.

LA Film Festival 2017: The Big Sick - Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan

The Big Sick (6/21, 6:30 PM)
If you recognize the guy on the left then you must watch HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Kumail Nanjiani stars in one of the breakout hits out of this year’s Sundance. The film even gained rave reviews from critics who saw the film at Sundance. What’s even more interesting about the film is that it’s based on the real events. The film tells the true-life story of the courtship between Kumail and his wife, Emily.

Fat Camp (6/21, 9:05 PM)
The words “fat camp” and “irreverent comedy” seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Films that feature lovable fat losers are great because audiences tend to connect with these characters. That’s why Jennifer Arnold’s Fat Camp has a chance to be one of the breakout comedies at this year’s LA Film Festival.

Desolation (6/21, 9:20 PM)
Out of all the participants in this year’s Nightfall category, Desolation is the most intriguing. The concept of a family coming together to survive against a killer is something we’ve seen before. The twist here is that the family is in mourning after the death of the protagonist’s husband. This is the type of thriller where audiences will be at the edge of their seat because of their affinity for the family.

There plenty of other films to watch during the LA Film Festival. Yet these are some of the noteworthy films that casual moviegoers might enjoy. If you want to check out these films, be sure to buy your tickets online by going here.

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