Just a glimpse into the world of Fanime 2017

When going to a con, a fan’s mind can spin with so many options. It’s especially the case with many events being in different locations at the same time. Here are some of my personal favorite things to do at the annual Fanime 2017 anime convention for fans by fans.

Get Schwifty and Check Out a Panel

While many panels will have various voice actors, artists, and industry members, others end up being run by fans. Not every panel is created with the same amount of depth and knowledge, and some may just surprise you on how far people have taken their fandom. Other panels range from discussing the science behind anime and a thorough look into anime’s most badass female protagonists.

Spend Money at the Dealer’s Hall

The Dealer’s Hall is the place where everyone goes at one point or another during a convention. There may be a sweet new collectible, t-shirt, art, or other niche goods that can only be found at conventions. Fanime this year had a lot to offer. And while I myself walked away without some new swag, I saw many others doing quite the opposite.

Get Social and Play Some Games

What’s the point of gathering thousands of passionate fans if they don’t have space and time to cooperate and compete? The gaming room’s giant hall is filled with tabletop games, giant Jenga, game consoles, and arcade machines. These range from DDR to Streetfighter and many other arcade titles that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Enjoy a Performance

If you have been spending some time in the gaming hall or wandering around the convention, you can take a break and watch some of the best local fighting game players go head to head on Stage Zero. Many intense matches come across the main fighting game stage at Fanime. And all were met with cheers and applause as each match progressed until the final match-up of the 4-day convention. For those not into watching fighting games, there are also a number of shows and performances.

While this hardly scrapes the surface of what to expect at Fanime, these are just a few of my go-to things every year. I also recommend workshops where people can learn new skills like self-defense, various craft making, and even speed dating. There is also plenty of anime being screened throughout the convention if you want to catch up on your anime. In addition, there’s the ability to visit pop-up maid cafes, cosplay gatherings and autograph signing sessions. And it’s easy to see how popular Fanime and why it has grown so much over the years. While this year’s events have drawn to a close, it will be back next year from May 25th-28th.

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