Game & Talk Ep. 47: Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions

Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions
One…more…week. E3 2017 is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some predictions? Game & Talk continues with Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions then every other company (Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, etc). We’ll talk about the stuff we know will be at the show. And then each will give three predictions: a slightly obvious one, a wishful but plausible one, and “no way in hell this is going to happen but I want it to anyway” prediction.

Please note that this episode was recorded before the announcements of Nintendo Switch’s online service and Hori’s horrendous-looking headset for the device. We will discuss those things come the next episode later this week. Now then, what do we talk about on episode 47? For starters, we would like to thank our old friend Sean Emery, also known as Mr. Crunchberry, for joining us on this episode as he is a big Nintendo fan like us! Unfortunately, Chris couldn’t make it due to reasons.

We kept our news section short because we want to get into the goodness of predictions, but both stories happen to be involving Ubisoft. For one, they came out with their new minimalist logo and two, people are offended about the villains in Far Cry 5 being white people. Shocker. A petition asked to change the villains to Muslim or make it take place in Canada. Look, whether you are liberal or conservative, you have to admit that this is ridiculous, especially considering the last few games in the series had you shooting people of color.

After those two stories, we get right into the Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions. So far, the Switch only has a few titles confirmed for release this year and next year including Super Mario Odyssey and a new Fire Emblem game. So what other tricks will the Big N have up their sleeve? Personally, I hope it’s Metroid.

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Warning: Explicit Language

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