Dragon Ball Super episode titles reveal Frieza and Universe 7 outcome?

Well, that didn’t last long. Since we found out that Frieza would be joining Team Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, new rumors are starting to come. The next 4 episode titles appear to have been leaked and they reveal that (spoiler alert) Frieza betrays Universe 7.

In the recent episode, we saw the meeting between Goku and Frieza regarding the latter entering the Tournament of Power. Before agreeing to enter, Frieza demanded to be resurrected by the dragon balls should their team win. Seeing almost no choice, Goku reluctantly agreed. The preview for 94 gave us the impression that Frieza wants to spar just before the Tournament starts. Meanwhile, a plan also appears to be brewing between the Gods of Destruction from Universe 9 and 4.

Now, seeing as these are leaks and not official, we have to take it with a grain of salt. Although, the last leak turned out to be true, so this could have some merit as well. Here are the leaks to each episode after 94:

Episode 95 – Goku and Frieza Fight Together – The 4th Universe’s Trap
Episode 96 – Emergency, Again! The last warrior is HIM?
Episode 97 – Who will survive?! The Tournament of Power finally begins! (literally 20 episodes later)

Who Is HIM?

Episode 95’s description has Goku and Frieza teaming up against some fighters from Universe 9. Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4, has a trap and appears to succeed in either recruiting or preventing Frieza from entering. The description for Episode 96 has Frieza actually joining Universe 4, leaving only 9 fighters for Universe 7. It appears that Goku and the team enter the tournament with only 9 but another unknown fighter joins them as the 10th. So if Frieza betrays Universe 7, then who replaces him?

The obvious answer would be Yamcha. Seeing as he’s an experienced fighter and has fought already with the majority of the team, he would be a natural fit. The leaked title capitalizes the word HIM, putting emphasis on either an inexperienced warrior or someone completely unexpected. Which would then be Mr. Satan. He did agree to enter in Buu’s absence but then declined,¬†seeing as he would be no match for any of the fighters. Now if it’s someone completely unexpected, then it could be someone like Cell or even Pikkon. Both are dead warriors meaning Fortuneteller Baba would need to bring another dead person to enter the Tournament of Power.

Instantly Erased If Eliminated?!

With the Tournament of Power finally happening on Episode 97, Grand Priest ups the risk factor even more. Seeing as each Universe is at stake with the winning team being the sole survivor, everyone will be going all out to ensure victory. One thing that people wondered was what would happen if you are eliminated? The Tournament of Power is being held in the World of Void. As the name implies, it has no time nor space so fighters can go to their limits. Flight is also nullified leaving the fight on the ground. Grand Priest informs the participants that any fighter who is knocked off would be erased instantly! So even if your team wins, you can still be instantly erased if you are eliminated from the match.

This puts a lot of pressure on all participants. Each team wants to win to save their universe from being erased. But each fighter risks their own existence should they be knocked off. Zen-Oh wants the Tournament of Power to be exciting and unexpected, and with the rules in place by Grand Priest, this will push those limits. We are only 4 episodes away until the start of the Tournament of Power. The stakes have been raised yet again and with each Universe trying to ensure their survival, it’s going to get intense. As for the 10th mystery warrior, my money is on the repented Dabura.

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