Bruce Wayne does the unthinkable with Catwoman in Batman #24

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Batman and Catwoman’s romance is always a rocky road. One moment they’re fighting each other, and the next moment they’re making out. Do you guys remember the rooftop sex scene in 2011’s Catwoman #1? Well, in Batman #24, which comes out on June 7th, the two take their relationship to the next level.

As a refresher, here’s the magic in Catwoman #1.

Spoilers Ahead

USA Today has revealed some juicy happenings in Batman #24 from Tom King and David Finch. The two lovebirds sure have a thing for rooftops. With this in mind, Bruce Wayne finally proposes to Selina Kyle. And to make this even sweeter, he does it while the bat signal is shining in the sky.

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Their connection is strong, and fans have been seeing this in comics, movies, and TV shows for decades. However, this isn’t the first time the partners have gotten hitched since they have tied the knot in Earth-Two. For example, readers can see the marriage in a panel from The Superman Family #211 (October 1981).

King says that their decade-long relationship has concluded “into one unprecedented moment.” He continued, “I want people to go home and be like, ‘Should she marry him? Should she say yes?’ There’s a whole conversation that could come out of this.”

“Everyone’s done vengeance, everyone’s done ‘The night is so dark,'” explained King. “Giving Batman more pain doesn’t reveal anything about his character because he’s taken as much pain as he can. But giving him love and joy, that combines with the tragedy of his past into something new and never done before.”

Thomas Wayne’s Influence on Batman’s Decision

One moment that definitely helped give Batman a push to propose was meeting his dad, Thomas Wayne, in Batman #22 “The Button.” How is he alive? Don’t worry, he’s from the Flashpoint universe thanks to The Flash’s meddling. Before his sacrifice, he tells Bruce to forget about being Batman:

“You were my world son. I delivered you myself…and the moment I saw you…I knew every choice I’d ever made had been the right ones…because they led to you.” Thomas continued, “You’re the greatest gift this life has ever given me, and there is more I should have shared in that letter, so listen to me…Don’t be Batman. Find Happiness. Please. You don’t have to do this. Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for your mother. Be a father for your son in a way I never could be for you. Let the Batman die with me.”

Batman #24, by Tom King, David Finch, Danny Miki, Clay Mann and Seth Mann, hits store shelves on Wednesday, June 7.

Source: USA Today

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