E3 2017 could use spark from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

e3 2017
Back in 2013, Microsoft made some mistakes in their E3 press conference promoting the Xbox One. For example, the company announced an “always-on” DRM system that locked down discs to the console. Sharing games would become more difficult as well. Sony capitalized on the unpopular Xbox announcements with an epic press conference. What will gamers see from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo during E3 2017?

The official complete video is a little long. Just YouTube search for “Sony E3 2013 win” for a shortened highlight video.

Plus, Sony released a short commercial which made clear their console would allow people to share the traditional way.

Undoubtedly, the week was an epic win for the company as they convinced gamers that Sony was on their side. Microsoft tried to backtrack and undo the damage, but the changes came too late. Sony took the momentum and carried on with it for years, and now people will look back at E3 2013 as one of the greatest moments in gaming history.

Where are moments such as those in recent years at E3?

Here is another epic E3 moment gamers remember. In 2006, Sony fumbled their press conference when announcing plans for the upcoming PlayStation 3 launch. Most notably, the company announced a high $600 price tag.

Their entire presentation felt awkward and cringeworthy all around.

But what was good about Sony’s failed E3 2006 performance? It made for one heck of an entertaining week. All people could talk about was the sky-high PS3 price, giant enemy crabs and “Riiiiiiidge Raaacer.”

Of course, Nintendo capitalized on the moment in their press conference by unveiling a $250 price tag for the Wii. In that year, Sony played Goliath and Nintendo took on the role of David. To the delight of fans, David slew Goliath.

Fast forward to now, and Nintendo does not even hold a traditional extravagant press conference anymore. Instead, the House of Mario simply plans a livestream on June 13. Ho-hum. Perhaps the required smartphone app can be explained.

Nevertheless, E3 2017 presses on with another week-long schedule of events. Officially, the expo runs from June 13-15. Will it give fans more epic moments such as the ones above?

It certainly would help keep up public interest in the event to see more brutal failures and takedowns from the big three. Otherwise, more company may just follow Nintendo’s path and create their own quiet livestream during the week.

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