American Gods episode 6 ‘A Murder of Gods’ (recap)

American Gods
This week’s episode of American Gods introduces a god we are all very familiar with, Jesus. He appears to a group of immigrants crossing a river (probably the Rio Grande) into the US and saves a man from drowning. Once on shore, the group is gunned down by righteous Americans protecting their homeland and kill Jesus as he shields the immigrants from gunfire. Ouch. Hopefully, he will be back again.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday return to the motel after the attack by the new gods at the police station. They get their car and take off, narrowly missing Laura and Mad Sweeney. Only Mr. Wednesday saw Laura and didn’t turn around for Shadow. It seems he is keeping Shadow to himself and doesn’t want Laura getting in the way.

The cast now splits off into two groups. Mad Sweeney needs his lucky coin back from Laura but she won’t give up her life for it. He has an idea to take her to a friend of a friend who knows a thing or two about resurrections – it’s probably Jesus. The two steal a cab from the motel but are caught by its owner, Salim. He’s the one had sex with the Jinn earlier in the show and overhears that Sweeney is a Leprechaun.

The three set off on their own adventure to find Jesus and the Jinn, somewhere in Kentucky. Laura is still dealing with her past and newly found afterlife realizing she can never see her family again. She derails the group off to Indiana to catch a glimpse of her family but they can’t see her. The kids, who are probably her nieces or nephews, are dying eggs to indicate that Easter is near, another reference to resurrection. Laura isn’t perfect nor does she entirely deserve another chance at life but I’m still rooting for her and want to see her get things right.

Shadow is left with a festering wound caused by the tree creature that impaled him back at the police station. Mr. Wednesday knows it’s serious and removes the branching parasite from Shadow’s abdomen using some sort of powers. The two make their way to Virginia to recruit their next god, Vulcan. The town of Vulcan, Virginia is centered around its forge and factory where they make bullets. All citizens carry guns religiously and their lives are centered around their weapons. We see a man at the forge accidentally falling into the smelting pit and come to find out these accidents happen to be human sacrifices to Vulcan.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday greet Vulcan with a gift and ask him to join their side in Wisconsin. Vulcan is also asked to forge a sword for Mr. Wednesday. He agrees but his motive becomes questionable when he shows Shadow a lynching tree. This is taken as a threat since Shadow was lynched by Technical Boy in the first episode. Mr. Wednesday asks Vulcan if he tipped off the new gods to their visit and he confesses, enraging Mr. Wednesday who slices Vulcan’s throat with the very sword he forged and tossing him into the smelting pit.

Shadow is in shock at what he’s just seen and this episode is the first time we really see Mr. Wednesday’s power. First with the healing and now in his ability to kill another god to protect his side in the war. What’s funny to me is that Shadow still seems surprised by all of this each episode. As nuts as it seems, you think he would start accepting it. I’m excited to see where the story goes next now that the gods are starting to link up and cross paths.

American Gods photo courtesy of Starz

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