Romoss Sailing 6 large power bank review

Romoss Sailing 6The Romoss Sailing 6 is a large battery bank (20,800 mAh) for when you’re at a long event, trip or convention. It is large enough that you will not need to charge it for at least 3 days, depending on how large your battery is on your device and how often you charge it. I have had this charger just over three weeks and it only needed to be recharged once. It was even used on an out-of-town trip over the weekend where it reached its final legs. So this thing can last for a while.

With the con season at full force, a power bank for your smartphone or tablet will be crucial. It can mean waiting in line for your favorite author while enjoying an episode of “American Gods.” And let’s be real, not a lot of battery life is left after taking lots of photos, random videos, and coordinating meet-ups with friends. There are two types of battery banks a person should always have on them during cons or for everyday use. One is a small battery bank (5,000 mAh) for emergencies and a large battery bank for enjoying your devices when boredom strikes.


The Romoss Sailing 6 is a sleek and simple design. Henceforth, it knows what it needs to do and does not need to be visually enticing. It has a white body with Romoss imprinted in the middle and a battery life indicator on the bottom right corner. There is gray coloring on the outside on three of the four edges. There are ports at the end of the battery. Two are for charging devices, one for normal output, one Fast Charge output, and the third is an input port to charge the battery bank. The power button is located on the edge near the battery indicator.


When first receiving the Romoss Sailing 6, it was about 75% charged. It was tested on charging PlayStation and Xbox controllers. With that, I was able to get about three to four days of use before it got depleted. This battery bank also has a 60-second auto sleep function to help conserve energy. It also takes a lot of preventative measures from overcharging that can lead to frying devices. Pretty much anything that can damage your device, this battery bank will make sure it won’t happen. Out of the box, it came with a 3-inch Micro USB cable. So make sure that you already have a long one on hand for whatever device you are looking to charge.

I usually let my battery banks charge overnight so I can use them the next day. From zero to 75% took about 10 hours of charge time. So I truly believe that this battery bank can be fully charged within 14 hours as they claim it should. After fully charging the battery, I tested it out on my controllers again. Therefore, I was able to get just over a week of charge for both controllers. And that is while using it during my gaming sessions, which is roughly about two to three hours per day. When not gaming, I use the controllers with the Romoss Sailing 6 to flip through shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Other Uses

After another night of charging to 100, I used this on my phone during work and at night to charge. I pretty much used it as if I were at San Diego Comic-Con, draining the battery by taking random pictures, videos, and of course streaming. Afterward, I charged my phone during the night and that whole day and night charge took a quarter of the battery life. So I knew it should last me until the end of the work week, and I was almost right. The battery died midday of the fourth day. Luckily, I had a spare to use and I was at work where I keep an AC charger on hand for just that sort of emergency.

As I stated earlier, this battery bank has two output ports for dual charging. One of the ports is for fast charging at 2.1A; the other is a normal port. But when I plugged in my Note 4 and then my Galaxy S8+, neither of them detected or were notified that it is doing a fast charge. Both showed the same time of charge completion, meaning that they are charging at the same rate on either port. This is using the phone’s own cable it came with, so that was a bit of a downer. I keep this as my third option battery for when I go to cons or on road trips.  If you like fast charging like I do, I would not make this a priority battery bank.

Romoss Sailing 6 Final Reaction

If you are looking to add a second maybe even third battery bank, you can’t go wrong with Romoss Sailing 6. But as I pointed this out, charging isn’t as fast, so plan to keep your device plugged in for quite some time. It is still a good option for anyone looking for a good mid-range battery bank.

If you want more information about the Sailing 6 or where to buy, click here.

*Romoss Sailing 6 was reviewed using a retail sample provided by Romoss.

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